Witchcraft Days 1-4

Day 1: What lead you to start practicing witchcraft?

I was trying to impress a girl. No lie. Interestingly enough, looking back, meeting women in general has been a strong motivating factor in my magical practice. And it’s worked very well quite a few times.

But to recap the story, I met a girl and thought she was cute. She said she was Wiccan (she wasn’t really) and that she could see auras and spirits. I desired sexual congress with this girl, and decided that learning to see auras and do this other crazy stuff might be a good way to attain that goal.

In that case it was not. I learned a little bit about magic, and a lot about allowing yourself to be used and manipulated by someone else. Oh, and delusion: I learned a lot about that.

Day 2: Where do you draw inspiration for your practices?

All over the damn place.

I still rely a lot on Ceremonial Magick. And Chaos Magic. Phile Hine, Pete Carroll, Don Kraig, Israel Regardie, Lon Milo DuQuette are all big influences.

And my friend Jack. We’ve developed a lot of stuff together. And there’s a bunch of stuff I just sort of chanced into, as if by accident.

Right now I’ve been working with a lot of material developed my Mike Sententia. His stuff is very innovative and has proven very effective so far.

Day 3: What do you call your “witchcraft”?

I prefer the term “sorcery.” Or the generic “magic.” I Also do “wizardry,” but I feel that there is a qualitative difference between that and other types of magic.

Yeah, I blogged about that once.

Day 4: Do you call yourself a witch? Why or why not?

I do not. See above. I would consider myself a sorcerer more than anything else. But those are categories I have defined for myself, so they may not mean much to other people.

I have some philosophical and cultural issues with Wicca as well, and may be motivated by that to distance myself from the term “witchcraft,” but I’m not a psychoanalyst, so who knows?


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