Witchcraft Days 5-7

Day 5: How do you see/define magic? Do you use magic?

I see magic as the process of using consciousness to change the direction you are moving in time. In effect, it amounts to changing probabilities.

My understanding of time, probability, and magic has been heavily influenced by Pete Carroll.

Day 6: Do you practice divination? If so, what techniques? If not, why?

Yes, I do.

Tarot is my primary go to. I have several decks, and will change them out or even used them together depending on who I’m reading for or what I’m reading about. (Or how much trouble I’m having.) My “big secret” is that much of the time, once I get into the flow of things I don’t need the cards — they’re usually there for the benefit of the querent. My readings are gestalt readings, so once I get the gist of the pattern I can usually go from there without much prompting.

If I can see the pattern.

I also use dice. I have developed a system with five (d6) dice. Each one is a different color, representing the four Platonic elements and Spirit. I read them similar to tarot pips, one being the beginning of a cycle and 6 beings its completion. It works pretty well so far.

Day 7: Do you have any ethnics or moral codes that you follow? And to a lesser extent, your view on cursing/hexing?

I have no problem with curses, and prefer them to nonsense like binding spells, that are far more dangerous than whitelighters want to admit.

Essentially, I will not do anything by magic that I will not do via mundane means. And be willing to accept the consequences for.

If I would not punch someone, I would not hex them. If I would not kill someone, I would not curse them.

There are some people I’ve been willing to punch. There’s a couple of people I’d be willing to kill.

For the most part, I’m satisfied knowing people who have wronged me will destroy themselves eventually. But if they pose an immediate threat, I will smite them.

I recognize that doesn’t answer too much about my personal ethics, but I think it handles the use of magical forces fairly well.

As far as moral codes, I’m working toward a relationship with the Roman virtues. But I’m not there yet.




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