Witchcraft Days 11-13

Day 11: Do you work with Sun/Moon/Rising signs? Why or why not?

“Work with”? Work with how?

I do astrology. And if I’m doing ceremonial magic I’ll do it in the right planetary hour.

I don’t know how else to “work with” them.

Except to impress the hell out of people.

Here’s how I guess people’s Sun signs.

Listen to how they talk. The way they communicate is important. People will often show the side of themselves that is more in line with their Rising Sign, and it is easy to confuse that for their Sun sign. But if you watch how they communicate, then you can usually guess what sign their Mercury is in. And Mercury is more often than not in the same sign as the Sun on a natal chart.

Here’s another trick I use to freak people out. If you already know their Sun sign, you can tell what time they were born by guessing their rising sign. Rising sign influences body type and shape. Recognize those features and if you know their Sun sign, you can guess their Rising sign, and then do the math to know when they were born. (About two hours for each sign.)

I did this to a girl at work. She’s a Virgo, and I knew that. Well, she also has a very, um curvacious figure. Her hips are wide and she has a big ass. Butt and hips are Libra, so I figured she had a Libran Rising sign. So I knew she was born about an hour or so after sunrise. And so one day I said to her “You were born around 7:30 in the morning, weren’t you?” and she was all “OMG I was born at liek 7:40 howd you know!?” (Yes, she talks like that.)

Guys, pay attention, That is how you flirt.

Day 12: Do you work with seasons? Why or why not?

Again, I’m not sure what you mean by “work with”

I change with the season. I recognize how they change the world around me, and how that impacts me. I suppose that’s good enough.

I do my strongest magic in the fall.

Day 13: Do you work with lunar cycles? Why or why not?

Typically not.

I have a Cancer Moon, so I tend to have monthly emotional fluctuations in my mood. But I never got much into the Esbat lunar worship pattern, probably because I’m not too caught up with any Lunar Goddesses. Sure, I suppose that waxing/waning thing might be helpful from time to time, but I don’t generally pay attention. Frankly, the Moon moves to quickly and its cycles repeat too often for me to be worried about it.

When I’m serious relationships, I will tend to watch the moon phase to keep track of my partner’s cycles. Women seem to like men more macho and aloof when they’re ovulating, and they like the cuddles while experiencing the menses. Just an observation.


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