Witchcraft Days 14-17

Day 14: Do you use any items or tools that can be found around the household?

I can use pretty much anything I need to as a tool for magic.

That said, I generally prefer to use my dedicated tools instead of household items. I don’t want to mess with other people’s residue on what I’m using.

Exceptions to this are herbs and spices, and candles. Oh, and balloons.

My dedicated items, however, are often liberated from other uses and consecrated. I get a lot of stuff from thrift shops. There are lots of little glass thingers that make nice offering bowls.

Day 15: Do you use any items of tools that aren’t normally found in households, and what are they?

Aside from crystal balls and wands, and pretty staffs? I don’t know that I have too many unusual items that I use. Maybe some found items like unusual pine cones.

Day 16: Do you use an altar or a special location for your practice?

Yes I do.

My altar right now consists of a small deco shelf on the wall that holds my devotional stuff, and a cabinet that I use as a magical altar.

I show it off here.

I’m going to have to say goodbye to the cabinet, thought. It belongs to my ex and I need to get it back to her.

Day 17: Have you used any “unconventional” items for your practice?

Silly Putty. Balloons. Flash paper. Toilet paper. Gold star stickers. Sculpy. Dice. A copy of the US Constitution. Buttons. Condoms. Stuffed animals (plush, not taxidermied). Popsicle sticks. Ace bandages. A Pillowcase. Deodorant. Pennies. Paper bags.

Ask me about any of those and I’ll probably tell.


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    • That’s the beauty of chaos magic: creativity. I’ve used a lot of different things for magical work, because it’s what I had or I came up with an interesting idea for it.

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