Witchcraft Days 18-20

Day 18: What has been the most resourceful place to look for improving your witchcraft?

Cartoons and video games. Often they have perspectives on their reality that makes you question how things work in the world, and how energies work together.

And of course, the internet. It allows me access to all manner of resources and let me engage with a number of knowledgeable people.

Day 19: What has been the worst resource?

Also the internet. There are a lot of idiots out there with delusions of grandeur.

Day 20: Are you religious or spiritual? How has that influenced your practice?


I reject the notion that the two are mutually exclusive.

My religion has changed my magical practice a bit. Most of my practice was agnostic, and when I settled on the Roman pantheon, I had to make some accommodations. How did my relationship with my gods affect my ethics? Were there rituals or techniques that might not be appropriate anymore? Are there other techniques that could be adopted from the Roman tradition?

I had always handled religion and magic as separate. Integrating them has been an interesting experience.


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