Witchcraft Days 21-24

Day 21: Have you used or considered using pop-culture in your practice?

Yes. All the time.

Avatar: the Last Airbender has greatly enhanced my understanding of the elements.

I use a lot of imagery from Final Fantasy games in my magic, especially in my journeywork. Some from the Legend of Zelda, but not as much. I also use a lot of Star Wars imagery in my journeywork. (I carry a lightsaber in my dreams. I haven’t had zombie nightmares since I started this.)

Day 22: Have there been types of witchcraft you’ve explored but in the end rejected?

I don’t know about “rejected” so much as “decided it wasn’t for me.”

I’m not big on Wicca. A lot of the Goth craft doesn’t appeal to me much anymore. Anything with vampires tends to turn me off.

I won’t talk about otherkin.

I don’t use drugs, so anything involving that is something I’m not going to be into.


Day 23: What are your thoughts towards media’s portray of witchcraft? (ie: Harry Potter.)

The same as the media’s portrayal of anything else. It’s the media. It’s entertainment. If it’s entertaining, I’ll like it. (“Entertaining” is not always the same as “good”)

I love Harry Potter. I really love the Dresden Files. Percy Jackson was actually pretty fun.

I’m sick to death of the Vampire crap.

I watched Twilight, and it really wasn’t that bad. It’s the fans that made me want to punch myself in the dick rather than see the second one.

Day 24: Is there a popular witchcraft practice or belief that really irks you?

The Three-Fold Law.

The belief that all gods and goddesses are just one God and one Goddess.

The myth of the Burning Times.

The myth of Golden Age Matriarchy.

The 10% Myth.

The notion that all pagans share the same politics.



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