Witchcraft Days 25-27

Day 25: Do you write your own spells?

I don’t know that I “write” spells. I suppose I “develop” them. Or “code” them.

My go-to method for spellcasting is sigil magic. So having long, written out spells is not something I do much anymore.

But yes, I make my own. Because most of them are task-specific and one-use-only. I make each one very specifically for the circumstances and desired results at the time of casting, so they’re not very reusable.

There are some exceptions to this. Some of the sigis I use for protection or healing I keep around to reuse.

I’m experimenting with writing my own prayers, but I know very little Latin, so I haven’t gotten very far.

Day 26: First spell you did and why.

I’ve been doing magic for almost 20 years. I have no idea what my first spell was. It was probably something stupid, and  doubt it worked (because if it did, I’d probably remember it.)

I used to cast spells for stupid crap all the time. I’m much more conservative with my magic these days. That means I’m more likely to use mundane means to achieve my goals, and use magic to augment them. I’ve had much more success that way.

Day 27: Last spell you did and why.

I did a spell to acquire employment that would allow me to satisfy my financial needs with some surplus, would allow me the free time to continue writing, would make use of both my work experience and education, and would allow for travel.

Please note how damned specific that is. Because that’s how I enchant. Like a boss.

I have not found a new job, but have been promoted at my current job, which brings me back into management and provides enough of a raise that I will be able to get my own place and pay my bills. Barely. And there is an opportunity to be part of a team that travels to cities where we are opening new locations and train new crews.

I win.


2 responses to “Witchcraft Days 25-27

  1. Interestingly enough when I put a similar and nearly as specific request out into the ether I got handed the tools to become self employed as a first aid/CPR instructor. Not what I had anticipated but undeniably a good fit.

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