Witchcraft Days 28-30

Day 28: Favorite spell you found/wrote/used.

I don’t know how much this counts as a spell, but it’s the coolest thing I’ve done.

A friend of mine had a brother who was being deployed to Iraq. She did not want him to die. So she asked me to help out.

I turned a ring he had into a talisman. I used ceremonial magic to change it. (Specifically the Basic Talisman Consecration from Don Kraig’s Modern Magick.)

The instructions were to protect the bearer and his companions from harm in combat. I charged it with the powers of Mars and inscribed the tetragrammaton on the inside surface of the ring (Don’t want visible Hebrew on jewelry while fighting in Iraq).

He survived and returned uninjured. And with some rather impressive stories of combat where no one was injured, but someone should have been. Including an IED detonating prematurely, before their HumVee was over it.

In fact, the only casualties his unit suffered were when he didn’t go out with them. It got to the point that he never wanted to stay behind, because he felt any injuries were because he didn’t come along.

Day 29: Describe a time when a spell failed.

I made a talisman to help me lose weight. I specified a rate of 2 pounds a week for three months. It was supposed to accomplish this by increasing my metabolism.

The odds of your metabolism increasing enough to burn off 2 pounds a week with no extra effort are very slim (pun intended). The talisman was not able to overcome those odds.

I did lose the weight, but not in the time the talisman was active. I got my ass to the gym instead.

Day 30: Describe a time when a spell went better than expected.

The military talisman worked beyond my wildest dream.

I also did a spell once using a balloon. My social circle was stagnating, so I did a spell to find a new group of friends. I whispered it into the balloon, tied it off, and let the balloon go.

Within three months I enrolled in college, where I integrated with a new group of friends. One of them is one of my best friends, who allowed me the honor of performing her wedding.



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