Witch Questions 1

1) How did you discover your path?

The particular path I’m on is one that grew slowly upon me.

I’ve been doing magic for a long time, and the story of how I got into it to impress a girl is an old and tired one for me.

But I’d always been kind of an agnostic magician. I hadn’t given much thought to gods, and in fact actively shinned them in my early practice.

But something felt like it was missing. So I started looking for some that fit with me.

I was in college at the time, and enjoying it. So I looked toward gods associated with academics. And I left them offerings, none of which seemed to be well received.

I kept going  back to Apollo and the Greek pantheon, but it wasn’t clicking. And then I had a realization: Apollo is a Greek god, but was also a part of the Roman pantheon.

And then Mars laughed, and said “It’s about time.”

Since then it was like coming home. I’ve used Nova Roma as a resource for rituals and other information, although I haven’t joined because their Micronation ubernationalism is kinda creepy. But I am integrating religio Romana more into my life and practice, and this has been good.

As for my magical practice, I started on that because of a friend who used to do LSD. It’s an interesting story.


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