Witch Questions 3

3) What kind of witch are you?

I don’t really consider myself a “witch.” Because reasons and fuzzy lines.

I suppose I’m very technically minded.

As far as what kind of magic I do well, I think there are three basic fields I excel in (if I may presume to brag).

I do wards pretty well. I’ve watched people bounce off of them. I’ve had other magicians comment on how they reacted. And on at least one occasion, they’ve intercepted some pretty strong hits (I once had a guy try to drop a tree on my house. True story).

I do talismans pretty well. I’ve mentioned my best success in which I made a ring of protection for a soldier, and it worked so well that his unit suffered no casualties when he was with them.

I’m pretty good at candle magic, or at least my method of candle magic, which is more of a cross between candle magic and sigil magic. I’ve done some pretty interesting things.


I’ve also had some interesting successes with weather magic, as well as some spectacular failures. But I’m working on that.


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