Witch Questions 5

5) Do you have any ethics or moral codes that you follow?

I have a few, I suppose.

The most basic is that I don’t tend to fuck with people unless they fuck with me.

I’m big on hospitality. If you are my guest, I will honor (feed) you. If I am your quest, I will endeavor to be polite and friendly. Even if your other guests are assholes.

I will go very far out of my way to help friends and family. I’m usually willing to help out most other people as well. And I will always offer advice and support to people learning magic.

I don’t do things through magical means that I will not do through mundane means. If I wouldn’t punch you, I won’t hex you.

I strive to be aware of and acknowledge when I have sufficient knowledge to be of assistance, and to help people find out where they can find the help they need.

I also have a whole set of Roman virtues that I’m starting to become familiar with. I haven’t gotten too far, though, and there’s a lot of them/


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