Witch Questions 6

6) Are you a Solitary witch or have you worked with others in a Coven?

I am not of a tradition that has a coven-based system. Romana is temple based. We emphasize community, not secret enclaves.

I’ve worked with some covens and in some magical groups. I see a value in having groups to work magic with. My opinion on the coven system is not as high, and I believe that as paganism becomes more mainstream, it will necessarily fall out of use.

I haven’t been a part of a group for magical work in a while. I’m doing okay playing on my own, although it would be nice to have a few people to work on stuff with.

I think it’s important to differentiate between covens and magical groups in general. Not all magical groups are covens, and magical groups that are not covens are capable of being just as intimate and trusting as covens. The big difference is the secrecy and exclusion implied by a coven structure.

Also, we must remember that covens are a Christian construct that Gardner applied to Wicca because of bad scholarship.

My thoughts on covens can be found here.


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