Witch Questions 7

7) Do you practice divination? If so, what techniques?


I’ve been doing tarot for almost 20 years. I like to think I’m pretty decent at it, especially since I charge money for it.

I have a lot of different decks. I’ve been using the Archeon Tarot lately, although my usual default is the Tree of Life Tarot. I can use a regular deck of playing cards if I need to.

I use astrology, but not so much for divination.

I have also developed a method of divination using dice, and it’s been pretty good for brief readings so far.

Runes and I don’t get along well. I’m okay with that.

I can get pendulums to answer yes/no questions, but I don’t trust them because I know I can control what direction they spin, and they know it, too. I’ve had too many tell me “Yes” when I ask them “Are you just telling me what I want to hear?”

And I use a Magic 8-Ball. Seriously. I’ve had good results with it, as long as I’m being playful.


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