Witch Questions 9

9) Do you believe in anything supernatural/paranormal?

This question is flawed.

First of all, the answer is an obvious “yes” or else I wouldn’t be talking about my experiences with witchcraft and magic.

And because I’m and animist and a Chaoist, the answer is “no.”

I don’t believe in the supernatural because I believe that magic and the wyrd are natural. Such phenomena are well within the realm of the natural world, because they happen as an extension of it.

“Paranormal” has similar connotations, although its a little better. I suppose magic is a bit outside of the normal. That’s why I’ll talk about us being in the between-place: magic users dwell at the edge of “normal.”

But then we get into the question of what “normal” is. And what is normal for me isn’t what’s going to be normal for everyone else. What’s normal for an “average American” isn’t going to be normal for someone in West Africa. And while our society pretends that it doesn’t acknowledge the wyrd, most people are willing to accept the possibility or reality of such things (although they may downplay its frequency of intrusion.)


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