Witch Questions 11

11) Does your family and/or friends know you practice witchcraft?

Mostly/somewhat yes.

My immediate family knows I’m pagan. My mother still has some issues with it on occasion, and my uncle is a bit of a dick about it. My father asks questions on occasion, and actually has a pretty good intuitive grasp of the basics. (He had a better intuitive understanding of the limits of tarot than some readers I’ve met. I think it’s because of his steady diet of science fiction.)

All of my close friends know, and most are involved in metaphysics or magic in some way. Many of my not-so-close friends know as well, although some don’t. I pretty carefully judge acquaintances for how they’d respond. I don’t hide it, but I don’t offer it up. My devout Christian friends can see my religion listed on my Facebook profile any time they want. If they ask me, I won’t deny it.

At work I generally don’t talk about it, unless I get a feel that someone else is magically inclined. (There are a few “sensitive” people at work, and one in particular is a fucking powerhouse that could probably lay the smackdown on me once she gets a handle on things.) Otherwise I don’t worry about it. I will tend to avoid discussing my religion at work if I don’t feel I can fully trust someone who is around, and am pretty good at parrying the question. There was one guy I refused to answer just because I was fucking with, but he figured it out.


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