Witch Questions 12

12) Do/Will you teach and practice witchcraft to your children?

This is a complicated issue, and one that I’ve answered before in one of these question things.

Here’s the skinny.

My ex wife and I came to an agreement that I would not get my son involved in any of that “weird stuff.” My take on this is that when he “comes of age” I can share whatever he wants to know about, and I’m okay with that. I think that being raised vaguely Christian will help him in the long run due to cultural literacy concerns. I’m also not sure he has the sensitivity or the mindset for any kind of magical work at this point.

He’s a pretty chill kid, and is very considerate and caring to other people. I think he’ll be fine regardless.

My ex has been amiable to him coming along to psychic fairs and such when I’ve worked them, so he has some exposure to metaphysics and new age thought in general. We honestly haven’t talked about it.

When he’s 16 I’ll see if he wants to come to Camp Gaea.

Now if I have more children (the window for that is closing) then I’d love to raise them as little pagan babies. I think it would be great to build a genuine family tradition and involve my children in that. That said, if I don’t get to have any more, and my son is open to it, I will gladly corrupt any grandbabies he presents me with.

Gladly and enthusiastically.

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