Witch Questions 13

13) Matron Goddess [If you have one. If not, list goddesses that you favor]

Hecate, Minerva, Juno, and Venus all receive my veneration at some point during my devotional work.

I work with Hecate a lot, though I don’t talk about it. Her aspect as the Trivia is kinda significant to me right now. I’m getting bigger and bigger on this concept of liminality, and it’s done a lot for me as of late.  I’m pretty sure that Jupiter is letting her borrow me for a time, so this should be interesting. Especially if he doesn’t bother to ask for me back, because she’s one of the few who isn’t afraid to tell him off.

Minerva I look to for skill and wisdom. She helps me with my rational and long-distance planning. She’s been really good with helping me get around obstacles.

Juno I work with tangentially. I am not in a relationship, so those aspects of her are not relevant to me at the moment. But I honor her sense of duty and protectiveness. I’m also helping close  friend of mine connect to her in a devotional sense, and its helping me understand her more.

Venus is my inspiration and guide in matters of charm and charisma. Sure, she has the love and sex things going on, but my focus with her has been positive relationship in general, and being appealing and attractive to other people by developing my own confidence and charisma. Yeah, I’ve done love spells, but they take for form of “help me to become more attractive.” (Okay, on occasion they take the form of “help me find someone who will lay me”)

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