Witch Questions 14

14) Patron God [If you have one. If not, list gods that you favor]

Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Apollo, in that order.

Jupiter is big for the generosity/benevolence thing. He embodies hospitality in my mind, as well as vengeance and righteous anger.

Mars is about motivation, follow-through, honor, and sacrifice. Remember that he represents the citizen soldier, not the bloodthirsty hero, and does what he does because he must, because no one else will or can. (Link from the Legend of Zelda perfectly embodies the Martian ideal.)

Mercury is about communication, yes, but also about wit and charm. He can talk his way out of anything, and I like that. This is a guy who can go wherever he wants not because he forces his way through, but because he talks his way through. He is the penultimate magician, speaking in riddles when it seems like the thing to do, avoiding direct answers when it is to his advantage, and convincing people to do things for him. He knows who is connected with whom, and can call those favors and pull those strings to make stuff happen.

Apollo for me is all about patterns. Creativity is about making connections between things and recognizing patterns. Prophesy is also about recognizing patterns. For all of the different aspects of Apollo that are out there, the theme that speaks to me is one of extrapolating a larger pattern from a small data set. This is how I approach my divination, how I write, and how I hear music.


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