Witch Questions 15

15) Favorite pantheon [Group of gods]

I spent a lot of time casting about for a pantheon that spoke to me. I have settled upon the Roman pantheon. Part of it is due to issue of heritage, part of it due to an interest in Roman history, and part of it due to a very powerful past life influence.

Roman religion involves a lot of things that seem natural to me. Animism, hospitality, and ancestor worship are chief among those. The Romans adopted the myths of the Greeks, but altered them a bit so the gods seemed more concerned with the well-being of Rome and her people than the petty bickering and feuds that they often engaged in.

The Romans also deified their virtues (which I’m pretty sure the Greeks did as well), allowing a great way to interact with and learn from them.

All I can say is that they speak to my nature.


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