Witch Questions 17

17) What’s your Element?

That is a complicated question.

As anyone can see from the chart that I posted as a response to the last question, I am a water sign, with a water moon sign, and a water ascendant. Most of my planets and major cusps are in water signs.

Astrologically I’m pretty watery.

My aura photos usually show me as orange or red. That sounds kinda fiery to me. And I’ve very passionate, which is a little different from the emotionality of water. Plus, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, a planet of fire.

And I use a type of magic that has an elemental system composing of 9 elements. According to that system, I am probably associated with the element of Darkness most, with what is hidden and subtle. I’m okay with that.

But most people read me as water. I’m okay with that, too.


2 responses to “Witch Questions 17

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  2. As someone who connects well with magma and storm/lightning as elements, I understand the difficulty of not fitting in with the four element system.

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