Witch Questions 24

24) What’s your familiar?

I don’t have a familiar.

I’m working on creating one, but have been delayed by other projects.

But Chirotus! You say. A familiar is a pet! You can’t create one!

Perhaps you best double-check on what a familiar is.

A familiar is a servant spirit. It runs errands and helps you with simple tasks. It can find things out for you, contact other entities, and generally act as a magical secretary.

Why the association with animals?

Because it was believed that a witch’s familiar could take the physical form of an animal, usually a cat. And since some such spirits function better with a material base, this isn’t too far off in terms of theory. And I suppose it’s possible that a per can act as a familiar as well.

But familiar =/= magic pet. They are whole different animals. (Heh)


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