Witch Questions 26

26) Favorite website on Witchcraft?

Aside from my own?

I’m not really sure. I follow a lot of pagan and magic blogs, a lot of which I don’t read as often as I should because I’ve gotten into a period of actually doing the thing instead of reading and writing about it. Check my blogroll to the right.

As for witchcraft sites, though, I think that The Witches’ Voice is probably the go-to. The articles rarely get above 100-level, and honestly most are poorly written and self-important, and there are about a thousand different versions of “This Is What Paganism Is to Me” and “Witches Don’t Worship Satan” and “This Is What Samhain Is.” There are some really good articles there on occasion, but to be brutal, they aren’t as common as I’d hope for. But the best value at that site is the networking potential. You can look up and contact witches and magicians in any area you are at or are planning to visit. You can peruse websites, look for shops and people offering religious services, find upcoming events or reviews of past ones, and even find covens or other magical groups.

This website is a shining example for the building of the Pagan Community, and I will always hold it dear and recommend it as a first stop for witchcraft or Paganism online.


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