Witch Questions 27

27) Famous witch that you favor?

I don’t know what qualifies a famous witch.

I have authors that I like. But I don’t know if that’s the same. Although maybe it is, because in this community we tend to turn our authors into celebrities. Because we don’t have much elsewhere to look for them.

This may be controversial, but I actually like Silver Ravenwolf.

Yeah, I know the criticisms of her, and I agree with most of them. Her history is crap, and it was really stupid for her to encourage teenagers to lie to their parents.

But she’s brilliant.

She took a very complex subject — witchcraft — and broke it down into an easy-to-understand form. She watered it down just enough to keep her readers from seriously screwing themselves and other people up, but kept in just enough meat so that her readers would be versed enough to handle something more advanced if they desired to pursue it. She introduced a huge number of seekers to witchcraft where they may not have otherwise been able to find any material on it.  And she did it in a manner that allowed her to hide behind a fluffy image and be dismissed by more serious practitioners (who were not her target audience at all) while building up a small fortune.

Tell me that woman is not working some powerful magic.

Plus, I’ve read her history. I challenge anyone who calls her fluffy to read her personal account of escaping domestic abuse and tell me how she doesn’t acknowledge the hardships and darker parts of life. True, not a lot of that came out in her books, but I chalk that up to marketing — she was targeting younger seekers and wanted her product to seem less intimidating than it might have been otherwise.

So yeah, I kind of dig Silver. Because I hope to pull that kind of marketing brilliance myself someday.


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