Witch Questions 28

28) Favorite divination tool?

My favorite is probably my dice.

I have 5 six-sided dice. They are different colored. One is red, one blue, one white, and brown, and one purple.

I have given them elemental associations. red and blue should be obvious. White is air, brown is earth, and purple is spirit.

So water deals with passions and emotions. Fire is drive and motivation. Earth is finance and stability. Air is intellect and developing ideas. Spirit is spirituality and integration.

I read them with 1 representing a beginning and 6 completion. Basically, it comes down to the more numbers the better.

I’ve had some good success with them.


Now the divination tool I’ve had the most success and work with is the tarot. I can (and have) teach classes upon it with relative confidence, so I obviously have a lot of energy invested into using the system. But I still think that dice are my favorite.


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