Witch Questions 29

29) Favorite altar tool?

Murphy’s Oil. It keeps my altar pretty.

I got a nice little wine decanter not long ago, and I kind of like that. It lets me keep wine ready on the altar, and kind of signifies it as sacred and distinct from my drinking wine.

I’ve also taken to keeping both my obsidian and selenite orbs on my altar, and I rather like them as well.

My favorite tool that I have is one I don’t always keep on my altar, but have near it. It is a tealight candle holder that I have enchanted to store the “charge” from tealight candles and use them to power sigils.

I am also designing some servitors that will live in bases on my altar. One of which, of it is effective, will serve as a financial advisor. But it’s not ready yet, so it can’t be my favorite.


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