Court Cards

Even someone who has read tarot as long as I have gets hung up on some stuff. I’m not afraid to admit that at the last psychic fair I read at, I drew a complete blank and had to give the young lady her money back. (It was even more awkward because I then gave a brief and succinct reading to her friend that was with her.) The cards don’t always speak, sometimes the deck is just wrong, and sometimes the issue is just too clouded.

And sometimes the cards are just a pain to read.

I hate court cards.

Kings and Queens are pretty easy. Usually. In most cases they represent people in the querent’s life. But those pages and knights … oh damn those pages and knights. for they are tricksy.

But I have been saved by the expertise of Barbara Moore, who recently presented an explanation of the court cards in a relatively easy to understand manner:

I think that the role represented by the court card is the important information. Focusing on running down a list of personality traits or professions until we hit on someone we recognize is less helpful than figuring out what role the person plays and how to work with that person.

Knowing the role played lets you know how much influence you (or your querent) can have in the situation.

Knowing the suit lets you know how to approach the person for maximum influence. I don’t mean manipulation…I mean communicating effectively.

Oh, and gender in court cards (aside from perhaps outdated symbolic meaning) is meaningless. But you all know that, right?

Roles People Play

The roles played are determined largely by a card’s rank: Page, Knight, Queen, or King. The rank also determines the extent of influence the person has on the situation. For example, the ramifications of the actions of a Page will be very different from that of a King or even a Knight. Rank also indicates how easily you can enlist the support of or change the actions of a person represented by that court card. Again, you are likely to have an easier time talking a Page into doing something than a King.

Moore goes into more detail on the different ranks, and this is highly useful stuff. (Even if she is plugging a book.)

I recommend reading through the whole post.



6 responses to “Court Cards

  1. I’ve never done readings for other people, but for myself I agree that the court cards can be kind of confusing. It seems the roles they play are different in every reading, as it is with a lot of the other cards, except I think many of us have been taught to have a very narrow way of viewing the royals, treating them as static figures compared to more dynamic cards like the Majors. The basic framework that I use when reading them is kind of like having a spiritual hierarchy, with the Pages and Knights being lesser energies that I can invoke from within me, and the Queens and Kings having more godlike qualities that I can invoke using greater divine energies. I hope that makes some sense.. lol

      • I would love to read for other people but I need a little more confidence and also, because I just don’t have any connections to people that would allow for me to practice other than online. I’m so used to reading the cards on such a personal level that the thought of doing that for others kind of scares me lol. But I guess I’ll never know til I give it a shot.

      • I learned to read tarot at Perkins.

        I took my deck up there late night, and just played with the cards. People would come up and ask if I did readings. I explained that I was still learning, and warned I may still need to refer to the book, but I would be happy to. If they wanted to pay me, I would simply ask them to buy my coffee.

        A decent coffee shop would probably work for this, but I really liked the late night crowd, and most coffee shops are closed by then.

        Also be aware of how the management views this. I got kicked out of a Denny’s because they accused me of gambling (even though the waitress was grumbling about devil worship).

        But if you keep the other person’s expectations low I’m still learning!) and have fun, it’s a good way to get used to reading from other people.

        And you never know who you’ll meet. I once did a reading for the members of 3 Doors Down.

      • 3 Doors Down?! My all-time favorite band! 🙂 Anyways.. It’s really awesome and encouraging to hear how you got your start. It looks like it’s just a matter of putting yourself out there and being available. Guess it’s time to start climbing out of my shell..

      • I had no idea who they were. they had done a concert that night and were just chillin at Perkins. I did the reading and was telling them about how I saw major financial success and creative efforts and new relationships and fulfilling dreams and all this good stuff and they’re all laughing at me.

        “Do you not know who we are?”

        “Um, no.”

        “We’re 3 Doors Down. We’re on tour for our new album.”

        “Oh. … So, that explains the success stuff, I guess.”

        Just start out small. No need to rush it. But get the practice in.

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