Honoring Intuition

When you see something up ahead, but get confused on time and wait for it, and start to doubt yourself

One of the downsides of reading tarot and having a nonstandard view of time is that you sometimes get glimpses of things that haven’t happened yet. This can be especially problematic if there is a strong emotional charge to the event, or if it involved other people. Those emotional attachments especially make it harder to detach from the intuition and let things happen without worrying about it.

I generally advise people not to look more than a month ahead when doing a divination, because the future is not set and the farther out you get, the more likely it is to change. That is not to say that accurate readings farther ahead cannot be made . They very much can, and I do them all the time, because I’ve never been good at following my own advice. But this can cause problems if the event you are seeing depends upon other events that have not happened yet or other conditions that have not been satisfied. If you’re looking too far down the road, you can miss that obstacle nearby, and change things so that the distant event never happens.

This is also why detachment is important in magical work. Lusting after results can cause to to rush things, which can throw them off. It’s never a good practice, but I guarantee that every tarot reader viewing this blog has read the same question over and over again because they’re looking for a certain result. Not only can those expectations disrupt the flow of what is coming, but they can also cloud those readings and add to the frustration.

And it’s the expectations that cause the problems. And when they don’t happen as soon as we want them, we start to doubt the intuition that we had on the event to begin with. And that causes even bigger problems, because everything starts to fall apart and you think you’re going crazy.

Imagine, you’ve seen an event coming. You’ve done readings to confirm it. You’ve had other people do readings that have confirmed it. But it’s still a ways off, and the actions of the present don’t support what you’ve seen yet. Insert self-doubt here.

Time is a very difficult thing for a lot of people I’ve talked to when doing readings. And that’s really the crux of the matter. Because we see the big mountains coming up, but they’re fuzzy and we can’t judge how far away they are. And so we miss the valleys between them and wonder why we haven’t gotten to the peak yet.

Intuition depends on trust. But that trust can falter without support. Once you have that support (independent verification, my skeptical friends!), then trust that what will come to pass will greet you. Honor that intuition, trust what you have seen, and know that you will know when the moment comes.

And until it does, go about your business and don’t worry about it.

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