Personal Space

In two weeks I’m moving into my new apartment.

I’ve never lived completely on my own before. I lived with my parents until I got married. When I got divorced, I moved back home, and stayed there while I started college. I met my most recent significant other and we moved in together for almost 7 years. And when we split up I came back to my parents house to get back on my feet.

Well, I’m getting on my feet. And I don’t have any shoes.

Okay, I have shoes. But I still don’t have a bed. Or a couch. Or anything along the lines of furniture beyond my dresser, a computer desk, and a small used table for my dining room.

So what I’m actually left with is a lot of options.


So, I play Minecraft a lot.

And when I build a new base in Minecraft, I tend to build small and compact. I’m used to hiding underground and assuming space is at a premium. So when I joined up a server with people I knew and trusted, I built a wide-opened base with lots of room. And it’s a nice feeling, because I can play with what I want and where I want things without feeling constrained by lack of space.

This is obviously an important metaphor.

I’m used to living in someone else’s space. To being constrained by other people use of that space, or their junk or furniture. My ex had a lot of stuff, and how we used the space we had was defined by how we could move around the stuff.

I have no stuff.

I have a small altar set up. It’s nice, and it works for me. But now I have the option of something larger and more elaborate. Now I have the option of selecting what stuff I want and fitting it into the space instead of the other way around.

My space will reflect me and my activities and needs. And I’ve never had that freedom before.

Sure, it’s a small apartment. But without a lot of crap to fill it up, I have a lot of potential.

What do I do with my life? What do I want to do but don’t because I feel restricted by my space?

I have a place that is entirely mine. And I can use it as I wish, and allow only those I deem fit into it. It is my lair and my domain.

I’m kind of excited to see what I come up with, and how it affects my self-expression.


2 responses to “Personal Space

  1. Ikea is your friend, especially to erect whole temple rooms with the furniture. Get a dremel or a woodburner, and you’re set to make elaborate customized set-ups. Also, cheap candles like whoa.

    Beyond that, revel in the space. I’ve been living with roommates for years now since college, and the weeks when I’ve been alone have been some of the most productive, both for mundane work and spiritual work. Use the peace for extended trance periods or whirling dervishes.

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