Goals for 2014

I keep saying that I’m not bog on the New Year’s resolution thing.

But I also recognize that this is a good opportunity to evaluate past goals and set new ones, especially since I did not do so on my birthday.

Bach in March, I set some goals for myself. In June I reviewed and revised them. Time to see where I’m at now.

1) Money. I have received a promotion and pay increase at work. My student loans have been consolidated and are being paid. I have enough money coming in that I am getting my own apartment in a couple of weeks and will be able to pay all of my bills.

I still have some debts to pay off, but the big ones are being handled, albeit slowly. Still, I’m in a much better position, so I’m counting this as a success.

Achievement taken!

2) Writing. I have not been writing a blog post a day. But I’ve been doing pretty well. My blog readership is up considerably, in part thanks to my Tumblr account, on which I post several times a day, not including reblogs of funny gifs and lame Firefox jokes. That’s actually a decent amount of writing, even though it’s not cohesive.

I have been developing some ideas for books, both fiction and non-fiction, but none have progressed past outline stage.

Partial achievement.

3) Exercise. Epic fail.

I have been reducing my caloric intake, which is good, but without working out a bit, my pants will get less comfortable.

4) Music. I’ve toyed with Pauline a bit, and learned a couple of songs, but nothing significant. Fail.

5) Networking. I’ve been to a few more local Pagan events and worked a couple of psychic fairs. Not doing too bad on this one, but would have liked to do more. I’m also concerned that my argument with a vendor at the last fair I was at may hurt my image in the community, but haven’t seen any fallout yet.

6) Magic. I have been doing relatively little magical work. I have been having some interesting insights into tarot, and pointed at least one person in the general direction of learning the art. I did some interesting work with land spirits a bit ago, but haven’t followed up on it too much.

It’s been more of theory over practice.

My devotional work has fallen by the wayside quite a bit as well.

I’ve been taking up some astrology work, but am way behind on my efforts to interpret charts for people.

My efforts to help others magically have been minimal or abandoned as misguided. I really need to trust people more or detach enough to allow them to wallow in their misery.

I’m had some amazing insights into my empathic nature and have made huge steps in handling and dealing with it. I still have a few problems with it, such as my tendency to feel like everything I feel is because of me, the desire to intervene to end discomfort in others, and the conflation of what causes emotional reactions in me to what is causing them in others. All in all I think I’m doing pretty good, and I’m not sure that the people who have been helping me the most realize it at all.

Mixed results here.

7) Socializing. Not much progress here, unless Tumblr counts.

I’ve managed to get together with some friends on occasions, and even dated a little bit. But I’m still largely a recluse, and have avoided opportunities to socialize or attend parties.

I mostly socialize with people at work, which is good because I like some of the people there, but I still haven’t made much effort to hang out with any of my coworkers, in part because of my position as a manager.

Not very good here.

8) School. Haven’t even considered this. At all.


A few months ago I got a reading from a friend, and although I didn’t really write about it, I reset my goals a little bit. They became 1) Get own place; 2) Finish Degree; 3) Find new job.

The first one is pending. I move into my new apartment in about a week and a half. This will allow me considerable freedom, as well as improved dating options. But I’m not worried about that at the moment, because my primary focus is shifting to how I can finish my degree. I still have some debts to pay off and money to raise for that. But the important thing here is that I have interpreted this not as a need to actually finish the degree, but to develop a workable plan to do so and begin to implement it. Depending on how long and developed that plan is, I should be free to move on to the third goal while implementing that plan (or as a part of that plan).

The third goal is more vague. I’m looking for The Job. The Grand Career that will bring financial success, prosperity, at least moderate renown, and fulfillment. I have no clue what that is, and it has been beyond my capacity to determine what it might be (although I believe it to involve writing in some capacity). I now believe that determining what this should be is part of the goal.

These three goals have been my primary focus, with some minor distractions. I’ve had several readings indicate a potential relationship coming in the next few months, although they suggest that it may help motivate rather than distract me, but I can’t plan goals around something that hasn’t happened yet (and might not happen at all).


So I have some goals for 2014. Instead of making vague promises, I want to have due dates for them to see how I’m doing, especially since some of these depend on others being achieved.

1) Career. This has three parts to it.

  • Develop a workable plan to complete college degree. Complete by End of January.
  • Determine ideal career choice and plan to achieve it. Will depend on magical work and plan to finish degree. Hope to have done by June at the latest.
  • Find new job according to plan. Hope to achieve withing three months after establishing plan. September by the very latest.

2) Magic. I have some very specific magical goals.

  • Attain Knowledge and Conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel. This will need to be done before developing career plan. File under “Screw finding myself, I’m going to cheat and invoke myself.” This may take a while, and I’m not going to be following the strictest rules for this, but I’m hoping for June at the latest.
  • Revisit astrology studies. I will start with basic natal astrology (by February hope to have it down), relationship astrology (by April), transit astrology (by June), and progressed astrology (by August). By October I should be able to handle teaching someone.
  • Develop and facilitate a class/workshop on tarot. Determine whether the class will cover just the trumps or the entire deck. Determine whether the class will be a local thing or online via Skype. Hope to have it started by March.
  • Continue to work out principles of dealing with Empathy. Have at minimum an outline for a series of blogs posts by May, and possibly a book proposal by December. Include a means of explaining basic techniques to others.
  • Make an effort at least once a month to visit an outdoor wildish space and connect with the spirits there.

3) Writing. I need to focus a bit more.

  • Continue blogging with a minimum of 5 posts on Blacklight a week. Hope to have one essay a month to submit to other sites like Witchvox.
  • Work to promote Blacklight more. Work to promote other blogs in the hope that those authors will return the favor. Have a Tumblr dedicated to this purpose by the end of January.
  • Have a short story completed by the End of March.
  • Have an outline for a novel ready by the end of October. Seriously consider participating in NaNoWriMo.

4) Fitness. I need to get in shape.

  • Assess and regulate caloric intake. Do research into feasible goals by the end of January.
  • Gym twice a week minimum starting in February. Add swimming once a week once the apartment pools open.
  • Have a realistic fitness goal set by end of March.
  • Investigate taking dance lessons of any kind. Any style that is affordable.

5) Art. Writing isn’t enough.

  • Budget and plan for guitar lessons by April.
  • Resume Brewing wine by February. At least one 5 gallon batch every two months or one one gallon batch every month.
  • Take up sculpting again. Start with sculpy. Hoping for at least one piece a month.
  • Start photography again. Going to try for one roll of film/shooting session a month, depending on costs.

6) Socializing. I need to talk to people.

  • Tumblr doesn’t count.
  • One phone call to a friend a day.
  • One visit to a friend every two weeks at least
  • Involvement in at least one Pagan meet-up or event every two months
  • Plan for Heartland Pagan Festival in May. Maybe bring someone along.
  • Attempt to schedule at least every other Sabbat with the local coven I visit with.
  • Start dating again. It’s past time. At bare minimum one a month.
  • Consider Skyping with internet people. I should make you all earn the honor. My Skype account is, however, readily visible on my Tumblr.

These are all pretty detailed, and part of me wonders if that makes them less likely to achieve. And there’s a lot there. But I think if I take it on chunks it will be manageable.

I only have two wildcard factors that can impact my time. Those are the possibility of a relationship and Minecraft. I’ll just have to plan around those.



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