Precision and Links

I came across this transcript on Spiral Nature (because Psyche tweeted it). It talks about magical precision, and I thought that was interesting, because I try to be as precise as possible with my magical work.

The question came up because someone was having trouble localizing the effects of their spells. They would do a spell, and other people would have it blow up in their faces.

>And, the amount of shit that happens is directly
>proportionate to the size and value of the desired
>objective – the bigger it is, the worse things are in
>getting there, all the way around. Downright

That sounds unpleasant.

So this is a classic case of doing a spell and not restricting the effects enough, so that other people connected to you deal with some of the fallout. Some of this is addressed, and the OP is advised to limit the conditions of their spells a bit.

i never thought i’d say this, but have you ever even tried adding some qualifier at the end of a working, like “an it harm none”??? …i say this somewhat tongue in cheek, but maybe it’ll work?!?


…i’d suggest that you set up some parameters/limitations in which your magick may manifest itself…yes, you’re limiting your chances for “hitting your goal”, but it’s the same with a bomb vs. a bullet…maybe you’ve gotten really good at magickal bombing, so perhaps it’s time to take some sniper classes…maybe start with a machine gun, and work your way toward the more precise aiming skills…

I tend to shy away from vague conditions like “harm none.” But in general, I find it very useful to consider what limitations you want your spell to operate under. More specifically, I was taught that when you do a spell bring about something you want, you should also include the conditions you don’t want. Several years ago I did a spell to land a job that made at least X dollars a year and had benefits and built on my experience, but I forgot to say that I didn’t want to work the night shift, so I ended up with a job that gave me what I had asked for but got me home at 5am.

I also tend to be precise in where I am directing my energy, so I can use less effort for my desired results. The simplest example of this is in weather magic, where it is easiest to enchant for specific conditions a month or so in advance, before the weather system is built. Another example would be if you were experiencing a work or school situation of tension or dispute: instead of doing a general spell for better vibes, it might be worth seeing what the root cause is, and remedying that issue. (Or in enchanting for a new opportunity for an incompatible person so they move on somewhere else.)

But there is an aspect to this that I see as a separate issue to the precision problem. And that is one of magical backlash.

I don’t believe in karma. I don’t believe in the three-fold-law. I don’t believe that if you cast a spell, the effects of that will come back upon you and do horrible nasty things and bring all manner of repercussions.

But I do believe in inertia. And I do believe that magic works by fostering magical connections. And I believe that if you keep these connections open, when you send out can come back through them. And worse, they can flush other stuff to you. And worse still, those effects can run down connections you have to other people and impact them.

One time I did a binding on someone who was doing stupid things. (I call him Pete in the essay. I call him Jack on this website.) The problem I had was that the binding created a connection between us, and that connection ran both ways. Any magical connection can function this way, depending on the energy levels and awareness of the people being connected to. And if you have a strong enough connection to someone, and something really heavy hits them (magical or emotional), it can affect you as well (and vice versa).

This is one reason why banishing is so important in magic. It severs the connection that you created to perform the spell and keeps that energy from rebounding to you. This is especially important if you are doing less-than-positive magic, or a spell for something that will have chaotic or messy effects on the target.

This is also a reason why I will do high energy or offensive magic through servitors. The servitor acts as a buffer between you and the target, so there is no direct link that can backwash to you.

So take care with your magic. Be precise and specific. And watch what you are connected to, and consider how any magical act might impact those connections.


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