Color Magic: Black

Black gnosis is the gnosis of entropy and death. It is associated with the powers of Saturn.

Humans die. The death process is built into our genetic code. We are designed to fall apart and cease functioning. And that weighs heavily on our psyches, even if it does so in ways hidden from conscious thought.

One use of the black gnosis is to cast spells for destruction. Entropy curses can deteriorate the condition of an adversary and result in his or her removal. This is distinct from the Red gnosis of war magic: the objective here is not submission, but a clean and quiet kill. The strike is not made in violent and vocal rage in a public forum, but is instead done in private quietude and fueled by cold, detached fury. In theory, suck strikes are effective because they access the biological and psychological programming for eventual destruction that we all carry within us.

Peter Carroll suggests that the Black gnosis can also be tapped in order to avoid death and disease. In essence, the magician would invoke the “death-self” in order to familiarize himself with death, in order to recognize and avoid it. Entities, though-forms, and other symbols of various diseases can also be invoked and interacted with in order to practice banishing them. The faces of death are brought into focus so that they can be pushed away and avoided, thus prolonging the magician’s life.

In theory, this kind of magic can be used to deconstruct the ego and remove parts of the self that are no longer wanted. This is very risky, however, as it can easily trigger self-destructive behavior. Anyone who attempts to “kill the self” must also be prepared for the complete and total death of the self and work to rebuild a new self intentionally instead of allowing it to emerge organically. A deeper study of Ego Magic (and the Yellow Gnosis) would be advised first, and in a short time I will also address blending the colors as well.


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