I’ve been setting a lot of goals for myself lately. And I’ve been failing to meet them.

A lot of those goals have been related to writing, specifically on this blog. Some recent work I’ve been doing to get rid if writing blocks and find motivation have been helping (although the Mars and Saturn retrogrades have not).

So a few thought.

1) I am still writing the color magic posts. They will all be published.

2) I have had the realization that almost all of my writing is reactive. I write in response to things. I am hereby eliciting feedback. What would you like me to talk about? It can be a scholarly topic, a religious topic, a magical topic, or even a personal one.  Readers are always welcome to comment here. or email me at

3) I’ve been spending a lot of time on my blog at Tumblr. There is more interaction there, which I like.  But I am no where near as focused or formal as I am here. There is much more personal, whimsical, and random content. All readers are welcome to come by if they like, but be warned that while this blog is about paganism, magic, and metaphysics, and my experience with them, my Tumblr is about me. And I am a messy person.

4) The aforementioned Tumblr blog is not a replacement for this one. It is just easier to generate content for it. I want to be more purposeful in what I publish here. I am silly there.

5) I have been working on some things and coming to some important and slow realizations. I may share some of them. I may not. We’ll have to see how it goes.

6) I am a work in progress. That is a cheap cliche excuse I am using to avoid the fact that I had set goals for myself and not met them. I will probably set new goals.

7) Some of the work I have been doing has actually satisfied some of the more important goals. This is a good thing.

8) Motivation to do things is a chief problem at the moment. My idea to appeal to the forces of Mars are going to prove difficult during the retrograde period. I may turn elsewhere. Expect posts on planetary magic to surface, since I will certainly take advantage of any experiments in that area.

9) Ego magic is becoming a bigger priority. I have some habits that need to change.

10) I have direction now. I know where I’m going. Now I just need to plan the stops along the way and how I’m going to pay for gas.

11) I’m having a paradigm shift and rethinking my relationship to the gods. The Chaos Current runs deep. I will discuss this as I process it.

I need your comments, questions, and feedback, dear readers. This blog is a project that we’re all invested in now.


2 responses to “Setbacks

  1. I personally enjoy reading about how magick assists you with your personal development – how it helps you set goals as well as reach them. The personal is always more interesting to me than the scholarly. I’d love more posts like your coffee with Jesus post where you share personal discussions with the entities you contact.

    Also I want to encourage you as you strive to reach your goals. I can relate to setting lots of goals and reaching none of them. You WILL get past this and reach a pivot point. Never give up.

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