Color Magic: Green

Green gnosis is the gnosis of love and Venusian energy.

Carroll complains of the muddling of love and sex that often occurs in magical systems, and I think he has a good point. Speaking from personal experience I can think of several people I love very dearly that I would not have sex with, as well as a few that I certainly don’t love but wouldn’t mind a tumble in the sheets with.

So in addressing green magic, we are discussing feelings of affection, love, friendship, intimacy, loyalty, and hospitality. Eros, the expression of sexual desire, can be coupled to the green gnosis but is not in itself a part of it. (Please not that the asexual community has been making this point with increased vigor: romantic feelings and a desire for intimacy do not have to be sexual in nature.) This gnosis establishes emotional connections between people in such a way that they feel comforted in some way.

Green magic has two basic functions: to make yourself more likeable to others, and to develop self-love. The latter is vital to achieving the first. There is a type of confidence that comes from being comfortable with oneself that makes you more appealing to be around, and developing that confidence in turn puts others at ease.

In addition to spells and enchantments to develop your appeal and bring others to you, green gnosis can be tapped to develop social skills to make yourself seem more friendly to others. Behavioral matching, such as syncing body posture and speech vernacular, can make other people feel at ease around you. Neurolinguistic Programming has given us numerous techniques to do just that, ranging from matching word choice to respiratory rates.

I’ve already commented on some of the potential uses and misuses of such techniques when discussing the confidence building exercises I’ve found in pick-up books. And while the PUA community has a bad reputation that it appears to have worked very hard to earn and diverse, the more advanced approaches to Game exemplify this type of green magic: using body posture, word choice, and displays of interest to make yourself appear charismatic, friendly, and interesting. Flirting is a vital skill to green magic.

One area that is also related to green magic is empathy. Carroll discusses empathy in terms of putting people at ease by making them feel that you have a lot in common with them, via techniques mentioned above. But I am talking about empathy in the harder sense of feeling the emotions of other people as if they were your own. Bonds of friendship are just that: bonds. And those connections are often the basis for for love and friendship.

Empaths have a natural inclination to forge those bonds easily. Many empaths have trouble with this, as it is all too common to form bonds with people that will take advantage of you or otherwise not reciprocate your affection. I myself am still working on managing my emotional connections to other people, and it can be very difficult to do.

In short, being an empath is not easy. But one aspect of empathy is often overlooked: those connections flow both ways. Most empaths talk about being overwhelmed by strong emotions in a room or from another people, but not as many practice projecting their emotion into those environments. And for good reason — it can be exhausting to do so. But working on a smaller scale, the ability to easily and casually form honest emtional connections to others can make you seem more friendly and trustworthy to other people (even if you don’t like them that much).


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