Color Magic: Orange

Orange magic is the gnosis of thought. Associated with the realm of Mercury, this focus of magic includes any manner of charlatanry, trickery, fast thinking, fast talking, quick wit, manipulation, and the building of quick connections.

Salesmen, stockbrokers, petty thieves, and comedians all employ this mode of operation. This is the fast, witty thinking that comes from the place of not taking the time to think, but simply reacting. This type of gnosis is most effectively attained through excitatory methods, with fast paced exercises, quick computations, or rapid recitation of memorized facts acting to alter consciousness.

Risk-taking is associated with this kind of gnosis, but it is calculated risk-taking. The most successful stockbroker is the one who sees where the patterns are trending; the most successful gambler is the one who cheats. Being able to quickly assess the risks and potential benefits of an opportunity and manipulate yourself into a positive payoff is one of the true benefits of the Orange gnosis.

Trickster gods are often associated with this kind of energy. Expect riddles or indirect answers that serve more to change how you see or think about a problem than to provide a simple solution. Orange gnosis is very much about seeing the gestalt, and how the pieces fit together to form a larger and predictable picture, than about focusing in the details. Once the big action is taken, the details tend to handle themselves (or assistants take those processes over.)


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