July 2014

My blogging has been pretty pathetic this year. My keeping track of my goals hasn’t been very good either.

But I’m trying to break them down more into more manageable bench-markers, and the beginning or a new month is as good a time as any to see where I’m at and what I want to be doing.


Find new job according to plan. Hope to achieve withing three months after establishing plan. September by the very latest. [Note: This does depend on what it will take to finish the degree. If I have to come up with $1500 do re-enroll in school, it will take a lot longer than September to accomplish this.]

The “new job” thing hasn’t panned out. I have taken a second part-time job to help with the bills and to be able to afford Heartland this year, and while it is less stressful it is still restaurant work. (I literally got hired on next door to my primary job.) The writings jobs will hopefully start a shift away from my current work, but since that work is freelance, it will be a gradual one.

Part time job was too much of a hassle. But I did receive a promotion at Primary Job, which has a significant increase in pay. There will be an increased demand on my time as well, so setting aside time to socialize and do free-lance writing will be a little more challenging.

I have done no work on freelance writing, or blogging, or the transcription gig I got. I must remedy this.

Primary Job is currently a means to an end. I plan to use the extra income to pay off some debt and get back into college. My main focus at the moment is to somehow break into writing or editing in some fashion, be it academic or otherwise. In order to do that, I must maintain Primary Job and excel in my new position. So in essence, I have two goal sets:

1) Achieve goals for competence and excellence in current job to maximize experience, recognition, and compensation, and;

2) Work to seek out and break in to writing or editing jobs with at least equivalent compensation, and take whatever steps I can to facilitate that change.

Both of these goals will be time intensive, and I have no one to help keep me on track. Here’s hoping I can wing it.


Develop a workable plan to complete college degree. Complete by End of January. [This will require money and reaching out to disappointed professors.]

The college degree idea had been abandoned for now. It is possible that I may finish it at some point, but I have no planned course of action to do so.  As I said in January: “I already hold two bachelors’ degrees, and those count for quite a bit in the job market. By stressing over my master’s, I am discounting the work I have already done.”

The degree was a means to an end, and that end has changed to the point where the degree is no longer a necessary means. The drive to “finish what I started” is an ego-driven meme that I do not at present have the resources to indulge.

Yeah, can you say “rationalization”?

Research and writing skills developed in academia will greatly facilitate any writing or editing jobs I seek out. I am newly resolved to complete my degree. The only question now is whether I should complete it with my non-thesis option, or attempt to tackle a thesis, which could help out if I decide to stay in academia and pursue a doctorate.

I now have the resources to tackle this project.

Goals are as follows:

1) Contact University and professors in question and discuss ideal options for completing degree and possibly restarting academic career. This should be done by the end of next week.

2) Decide on thesis versus non-thesis option. This should be done within a week after goal #1.

3) Pay off money owed and re-enroll to complete degree. I have very little time to accomplish this. I must enroll very soon. Borrow money if need be. Start putting money away now.

4) Decide whether I wish to continue in academia or seek writing opportunities in the private sector. I have until the end of the year to decide. We’ll see what else comes up before then.

If I do the thesis option, I will need to get enrolled this next semester. I hope to finish the degree by the end of next spring semester. I have the finances now and I have established the need for the degree: I have also established the desire to pursue work that could be facilitated by an academic career. I have no more excuses.

Determine ideal career choice and plan to achieve it. Will depend on magical work and plan to finish degree. Hope to have done by June at the latest.

Achievement Taken! I have decided that the best and most obvious course for me to follow was to pursue a career in writing. I am developing a plan that is starting with two freelance job opportunities: one doing transcription work, and one writing freelance content for blogs and websites. This will provide opportunities to build portfolios and experience, and prepare myself for larger projects. It may also allow me to supplement or even replace income from my two current restaurant jobs, enabling me to work fewer hours.

The realizations involved in this process were surprisingly sudden, annoyingly obvious, and while still a but painful to process, not nearly as complicated as I had thought. I do not need to finish my degree program to pursue this path, and I did not need to attain Knowledge and Conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel to come to these realizations.

Completing the degree program will help me in this goal. I tend to favor drier, academic writing anyway, and an academic career would allow me to pursue research, teach, and still have the time and financial support to write as I please. Even if I don’t stay in academia, having that degree will demonstrate a higher level of research and writing competence than not having it. (The editing idea was suggested to me by someone who’s opinion I respect a great deal, and which I had honestly not thought of.) And frankly, I had shied away from editing or copy writing because I don’t have a degree in English or Journalism: the degree I almost have should be just as viable in pursuing those options.

Bottom line, however, is that I have not pursued writing as a goal, and I need to.


1) Blog more regularly. At least twice a week.

2) Begin a freelance writing job. At least one article every two weeks starting out. Begin this by September.

Magical Work

My magical work has suffered quite a bit. I need to regain some focus.

Make an effort at least once a month to visit an outdoor wildish space and connect with the spirits there.

Yeah, no. This has not happened. Weather has been shit and I have been exhausted.Now that storm season is starting up, I may be able to get to the park once in a while. Blog posts or videos about my trips may help motivate me.

Still has not happened. Don’t know if it will.

I have, however, been regularly attending ritual with a local coven, and this often takes place in an outdoor space. I suppose it’s close enough. But this kind of work is not something I feel the need to pursue at the moment. I have other priorities.

Revisit astrology studies. I will start with basic natal astrology (by February hope to have it down), relationship astrology (by April), transit astrology (by June), and progressed astrology (by August). By October I should be able to handle teaching someone.

I still wish to take my astrology studies back up, but have done very little to accomplish this.  I will attempt the same progress, but with the benchmarkers moved back 4 months.  I hope to have basic natal astrology down by June.

Still has not happened. I am postponing any heavy work in this area for the time being. I have other things that require my attention.

Develop and facilitate a class/workshop on tarot. Determine whether the class will cover just the trumps or the entire deck. Determine whether the class will be a local thing or online via Skype. Hope to have it started by March. [I am seeking to acquire seating for my living room. I already have a few people interested in this workshop. I can probably get it underway by the beginning of February if I keep at it.]

This has not yet happened. I am using a hectic schedule and a lack of seating in my apartment as poor excuses. I have decided that it will be an in person class, and that I will begin with the minor cards and basic number theory. If I work at it, I should have a lesson plan worked out by the end of April.

I now have seating in my apartment, so that is no longer an excuse. Time constrains and the lack of a regular schedule are my only concerns.

Goal: Have a basic lesson plan ready by the beginning of September, and see if interested parties are still interested.

Continue to work out principles of dealing with Empathy. Have at minimum an outline for a series of blogs posts by May, and possibly a book proposal by December. Include a means of explaining basic techniques to others. [My friend Sapphire has asked me to help her with this. This should make it easier to put these concepts and techniques into words.]

Still wanting to work on this, but have had very little actual progress on it. I’m not spending as much time with Sapphire (or anyone, for that matter), and we haven’t worked on anything related to this. Time and distance are issues. I will have to make a better effort here.

Still nothing done on this. I may attempt to follow the Empath tag on Tumblr or find some other source for post fodder. I don’t know about a more structured schedule for writing, but a blog post once every two weeks on this topic should not be out of reach (and would allow me to generate reader interest, which might generate questions that could inspire more posts).

Goal: Write on this topic more regularly, and evaluate the quality of material I have compiled by the end of October.

To this I am adding three new goals: 1) Complete the exercises outlined in Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery; 2) Work through an ego magic session by the end of April; 3) Construct a Jupiter talisman to neutralize any detrimental affects resulting from a Jupiter retrograde in my natal chart.

I have done some of the work on financial magic, and I believe it to have helped with my promotion. I am currently revising my financial and career goals, and plan to adjust this work to accommodate this.

The ego magic session did not happen, nor did the Jupiter talisman.


1) Begin ego magic program by the 15th of July.

2) Plan Jupiter talisman by the end of July.

3) Establish regular magical practice, be it ritual work or simple meditation, by 15th of July. I need to get back in the game.

Other Stuff

Art has gone no where. No sculptures. Little music. I hope to dabble in guitar a bit more, and have a friend that is offering me lessons. I hope to start that soon if I can get the time off work.

I’ve been fairly social, having regular drinks with friends at least twice a week, and being able to visit Garnet and Peridot, as well as some friends in Lawrence. This has helped me a lot.

I don’t know about dating. Met an interesting woman at Heartland, but distance is a problem. There’s a another lady I’m very taken with in, but she isn’t interested in pursuing a relationship. This leaves things very … complicated for me. I think I’m just going to sit back and take a breather and not worry about this. If a prospect comes along, great. If not, well, I have other things to worry about at the moment.

So I have a lot of work to do, but hopefully this will allow me to streamline my efforts a bit more and get more concrete results. The career/college issue is most pressing (and time sensitive) and is my primary focus. I think if I get that settled, a lot of other things will fall into place.

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