Investigation Protocols

Quite a very long time ago, one of my Tumblr followers suggested I write about the need of paranormal investigators to bring along a practitioner, psychic, or sensitive.

(I didn’t because I’ve been lazy for a very long time. Sorry.)

I’ve decided to tackle this now because 1) I’m finally getting around to writing about stuff I should have written about a long time ago; and 2) Because I’ve actually lectured on this very topic before.

So let’s get down to it.

Paranormal investigators should, under no circumstances, bring a witch/magician/psychic/sensitive along on any investigation.

The goal of a paranormal investigator is to attempt to collect some manner of objective evidence that a phenomenon is, in fact, legitimately paranormal, and hopefully collect some data that may offer a means of tracking down other similar phenomena, or of offering a means of further scientific exploration, explanation, or understanding of those phenomena. The ultimate objective is to understand the mechanism by which these phenomena operate, so that we can more fully understand the world we inhabit and the nature of the bizarre experiences we have.

Bringing a psychic along throws all of that out the window.

The thing is, a psychic’s experience is purely subjective. It is not quantifiable in any way. No one else in the group can confirm or deny the experience. And while the psychic’s experience may be valid, and their information may be accurate, it does little to further the scientific study and explanation of those phenomena.

And parapsychology is a scientific endeavor. It needs to be help to objective and scientific standards and produce verifiable and repeatable results.

That isn’t to say that psychics and practitioners should not be associated with paranormal investigators. But their involvement should occur after the investigation. If any clearing, warding, or reading is needed, it should occur as a separate follow-up activity, the results of which should have no bearing on the official investigation.

Science has a long way to go to catch up with and explain the kind of subjective experiences that psychics and other sensitives have. If we hope to help develop scientific theories on such phenomena, they need to be investigated independently of any metaphysical or magical techniques.


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