Introduction to Planetary Magick

I’ve been doing ceremonial magick for many, many years, but I’ve never progressed beyond elemental magick before. The rituals seemed too complex, and I wasn’t confident enough in what I was doing. I also didn’t really understand what the end game in such ritual work.

DON inspired me several months ago to revisit my ceremonial magick practice with renewed vigor. My primary goal, as always, was mundane: refocus my life and find a new career path. I got back to regularly performing the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram and working with the elemental energies, but DON’s influence led me in a direction that I always flirted with but never really committed to: the invocation of my personal genius. And since I was exploring new things, I decided that working with planetary energies might help that work.

So I started invoking the planetary forces from the bottom of the Tree of Life to the top, Luna to Saturn, every two days. My real goal was to negate and compensate for some weirdness with Jupiter in my natal chart, in the hopes I would be better able to find a better sense of purpose and career direction, but I figured it would be best to work with all of the planets and see where it takes me.


The Moon features strongly in my natal chart. It is in its native Cancer in the First House, and is the lesser of two major depositors. I’ve always feel a connection to the Moon and a love for the night, and I figured I would be at home and comfortable with this energy.

I was wrong.

After invoking the Lunar powers, I was very erratic emotionally, and generally cranky and down for a couple of days. My temper flared a bit, I was overly sensitive, and experienced sudden mood swings. Seemingly little things dredged up deep and often negative emotions, and made daily functioning difficult.

This is definitely an energy that I need to balance more, especially since it influences Jupiter and Neptune in my chart.


I associate excessive Mercurial energy with anxiety, and I was not disappointed when I invoked Mercury. My mind is normally very active, and emphasizing that energy kept me running fast mentally. There was a little bit of anxiety, but it was over problems to be solved and missing information as opposed to more emotional matters. I was hoping for a little bit of inspiration regarding writing projects, but the energy wasn’t focused enough  and I found myself coming up with too many ideas for too many different projects to be very productive.

I did manage to start some technical magical reading at this time, which I hadn’t done in a while.

This was a good energy, but it needs to be focused.


Of all the planetary energies, this one felt the most comfortable, the most “normal” to me. This shouldn’t be that surprising, since my Venus is in Libra, and is the primary depositor of my chart, but I never really thought about it. I’m a romantic sap, relationships bring a high level of satisfaction and stability to me, and I constantly crave physical and emotional intimacy and luxuries and indulgences.

I was a little on the sappy side after this invocation, but not really too bad. I really felt like I could act more like myself instead of having to put on airs. (Okay, I got really flirty.) The energy wasn’t overwhelming or disruptive at all, I think in part because it helps mediate the rest of my natal chart.


I felt really good after this invocation. I felt a little more confident that usual, but it was a casual and relaxed confidence rather than the a more aggressive, self-assured feeling. I was hoping for a boost to creativity of some kind, and I don’t know if I really got that, but I wanted to entertain people and be overly friendly. Problems were less severe, and I took things with much more grace than I normally do.

Really, I felt like I do when I’m a little tipsy. This was a fun energy and one that I wouldn’t mind a little more of.


This was an interesting power to work with. I don’t think I was necessarily more motivated, but I was a little more decisive and confident. Action and utility were more on my mind, and I was more eager to move past things that were not working for me well or holding me back.

My natal Mars is not aspected very strongly, and having that extra Martian influence felt good.


My natal Jupiter is exalted in cancer, but is also retrograde and in the Twelfth House. So it is a strong influence, but expresses itself unusually.

The Jovian invocation brought out my inner teacher. I wanted to learn and master everything so that I could guide others through the process. It wasn’t so much of an ego based desire to lead, but one of being able to help others achieve the things they wanted to achieve but weren’t sure how.

My Empathic sense was surprisingly active after this invocation, but more controlled and focused, which I liked. My judgements of people centered on how they treated others, and I was far less concerned with their actual shortcomings or flaws.


This is the hardest one for me to describe. I suppose I did become a bit more morbid and macabre, and maybe a little bit more serious minded and focused. But it wasn’t a curmudgeon-y feeling, more of the calm, gentle amusement that a parent or grandparent might have when a child does something silly or really fun. It was a protective feeling, but not a harsh or overbearing one.

I didn’t get a sudden “rush” of “productivity” or anything, but I got more perspective on what was important, what wasn’t, and what courses of action might me more practical.

Saturn is a very weakly aspected planet in my chart, and it was interesting having that energy to play with.

Together and In Balance

The next step was the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, bringing all of the energies together and balancing them within myself.

After working with the various hexagram forms, the supreme ritual was actually pretty easy. It was very potent the first time I performed it (and still gives me quite a kick), and left me with quite a rush afterward. I tried to perform it several days in a row and it quickly overwhelmed me and burnt me out, so I have limited it to once or twice a week. As I had hoped, this ritual functioned to moderate the energies I have in excess and supplement the ones I have a deficiency in. I felt really confident, centered, and competent after this work, and it usually lasts for a few days.

Being able to work with these energies and get a better idea how they work together has helped a lot, especially with my continued invocation to my personal genius (just a simple invocation; I’m not trying the Bornless Invocation yet). I haven’t had any Major and Sudden Life Changing Insights yet, but I have come up with some other ideas as to how I can use this work to my advantage.


4 responses to “Introduction to Planetary Magick

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  2. Planetary magic confuses me, quite honestly. I can feel the pulses of the seasons and the moon but beyond that it all just becomes so much white noise. I think that I would like to know more about it however. Any suggestions for someone who really has not connected to this way of working with energy but is curious?

    • I was somewhat familiar with planetary energies because of my work with astrology, but I didn’t have much experience with real hands on work.

      Honestly, that’s why I did this the way I did, to connect with those energies and get a feel for them. What I did was invoke a planetary force, and then let it “soak” for a day and see not just how it felt in the moment, but how it affected me and how I acted in the world (ideally I’d like to run through the cycle but invoke each one for a week or so and then take a week from planetary work to better judge how that energy affected me, but I was pushing myself to get through them)

      Want to connect with an energy? Find a ritual or exercise that invokes or channels it, and do it. It’s the only real way I know of to get the feel for an energy like that, which is key to learning how to influence or control it more.

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