Thoughts from Heartland Pagan Festival 2015

Big rituals are a way different experience when you’re on center stage

I don’t mind bugs as much as I did a week ago (although I’m still not fond of them)

Sometimes you really do need a break from those you love the most

The camaraderie you get from being a part of a diverse group that completes a challenging task is a unique thing

There are always ulterior motives

It’s one thing to know that you’ve changed for the better over the years, but another altogether to be told that by people who at one point found you too unpleasant to be around

The difference between Want and Will drastically impacts focus and what you can acheieve

Sex is a wonderful thing, but blindly pursuing it distracts from more important things

I like making pretty girls laugh around a fire

I am more and more disgusted with the willingness of people to put up with creepy behavior in the pagan community

Thorn Coyle will put you in a mean headlock if you let her (but will show you how to break out of it)

Don’ be afraid to throw punches at people you admire and respect. They can and will deflect them with ease.

I am becoming more and more annoyed with the Secret and the Law of Attraction. That nonsense is the metaphysical herpes of the swpl newage community

I am still not assertive enough. I should not be afraid to talk to people, to invite them to bed, or to warn them of potentially bad situations.

I need to remember that some guys tell girls they look familiar as a pick up line, because I still get confused when I ask someone if I know them because they really look familiar, and they go in to “turn down” mode

The Kansas City Pagan community has grown to the point where it can support two festivals during Memorial Day weekend, and I think this is awesome

If I’m going to play my guitar, I should do so. It is well past time to start lessons

I’m warming to the realization that I may be able to earn a viable living doing pagan type things.

I really like being recognized in large public venues

It is okay to start dissolving the strict barrier I’ve built up around my nome de guerre

I have something to offer the community, and the community seems to appreciate that. That feels really good.


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