Seven Spheres

A while back Satyr Magos was showing off a bit and introduced me to Rufus OpusSeven Spheres, a short but marvelous book with a unique and powerful approach to planetary magick. The book employs conjuration rather than invocation, and engages the planetary forces from the top down rather than from the earth sphere up. More significantly, the approach to the planetary intelligences is framed as one of “kingship,” with Jupiter (rather than Saturn) being the first force conjured. In essence, this transforms the entire working into a long scale Jovian work, which was exactly what I was looking for.

I’m not going to offer an in depth review of the text (at this time, at least), in part because I borrowed if and have since returned it, and like to be sure I have a book in hand when reviewing it. I am going to recommend it, however.

The entire working took about 5 weeks to complete, and I’m still seeing the effects of it. Instructions are included for consecrating planetary talismans, for which I used the sculpy talismans I constructed a while back (they had all the appropriate symbols and such on them, so I simply reconsecrated them). Thus not only have I unleashed the planetary forces in my sphere of influence, but I have consecrated talismans that act to radiate that energy into that sphere.

My main goal in undertaking planetary magick has been to find a more focused sense of purpose, and to channel that into a more productive career that dead-end quick service restauranteering. (Oh, and I’m always looking for a long-term mate to help encourage me in those efforts.) Since completing the Seven Spheres work, I have made significant progress toward these goals, to the point where I have gotten my debts in (relative) order, re-enrolled in college to facilitate a career change, and taken a demotion and shift to part-time work at my current job to enable those studies to take place. Given that I have placed my entire livelihood on the line — I risk I wouldn’t have taken not very long ago — and that I have promising results on the horizon, I’d say the working was pretty successful in opening that opportunity.

I don’t know if I’m going to do the working again for a while. I’ve even been considering attempting to integrate RO’s method with more traditional planetary rites, but I think I’ll hold off on that until I’m more experienced. And the next few months will be very busy and intense for me while I balance work and school and my volunteer efforts in the local pagan community. But magic is all about adaptability, I suppose, and it’s time to shut up and wizard.

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