Updates, Changes, and New Life

Blacklight Metaphysics has been around for almost 10 years now, and I’ve imported old MySpace posts even older than that. So changes, tweaks, and updates are nothing new.

It’s also been a few years since I’ve posted, and longer than that since I did so regularly. Unfortunately, breaks in my productivity are also nothing new.

I’ve been busy the past few years, with changes to my life, my magical practice, my education, and my understanding of how I fit into the world. In short, it’s time to write again.

I’m making some changes to the site. These are limited by an underpowered computer and questionable internet connection, so it may take a little bit to work everything out. I’m keeping the main site active for continuity, and I may even get around to addressing older posts that I’ve changed positions on or had new insights into. I’m going to be updating my blogroll and network of authors and influences. I’m working to integrate all of my social media presences and cater the types of content I produce to each one.

And I’m changing my name. I think I’ve outgrown the original intent behind adopting the name “Chirotus” and I’ve moved far beyond the astrological influences that inspired it. So I’m going with the name I’m publishing my other written works under. I am, however, going to keep my other writing separate, and have constructed a blog for my poetry, short stories, and other writings. It can be found here.

As I said, all this is going to take a while. But I’m hoping to be up to at least one significant post a week by the end of August, in addition to posts on my other blog. So if you’re still watching this blog, keep an eye out, and I’ll hopefully have some new material for you soon.

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