Blacklight Metaphysics

Blacklight Metaphysics is a forum for practitioners of the occult to publish and discuss their theories and experiences.  This site features essays on occult topics and a blog for discussing either those essays or other topics of interest.  Please feel free to contact the webmaster if you are interested in submitting material.  Hopefully some of the information you find here will be useful.

With all the web sites on magic, metaphysics, and the occult out there, why would anyone want to add another one?  Here’s why: because the vast majority of those sites are not taken seriously.  If it’s not a page full of flat New Age platitudes authored by some role-playing teenager who has watched Charmed too many times, then chances are it’s another “The Truth About Wicca” site that contains very little truth.  Serious sites are few and far between, making it difficult for students of the Occult and practicioners of magic to find practical, usable material.

Our goal is to help re-introduce some legitimacy to the Occult Sciences.  This can only be done by documenting practicioners’ experiments and experiences, and doing so in such a way that they can be duplicated by others who will hopefully report similar experiences.  My quest is not to explain why magic works, but to document that it does, and in doing so offer methods of how it can be done. This site is not devoted to informing you of what is possible, but to inspire you to wonder what else may be possible, and just how high of a potential we can achieve (or how low of a bottom we can sink to).

This site is intended to provide useful information and perspectives to people who are interested enough to seek it and (hopefully) competent enough to make practical use of it.  Please keep in mind that magic is not for everyone — if you are unable to handle bending reality, it is best to acknowledge this fact and treat the material presented here as a philosophical curiosity.  Those who take issue with the articles on this site because it does not reflect their notion of what people should think or believe are reminded that they have not been forced to visit this site, and they are welcome to surf to some other corner of the net.

As of right now, Blacklight Metaphysics is my pet project, where I have published my occult writings and encouraged discussion and input on them. I’ve always hoped to garner contributions from other like-minded individuals so that I’m not the only one running the discussion here, and I’m working toward that aim.


Involvement in metaphysics and the occult generally involves some degree of practice. Practice involves the employment of various techniques to achieve mystical or magical experiences. The attainment of these experiences, and the results they accord, are the aim of any such practice.

Practice is often informed and structured by theory. Theories based on previous experiences can aide in the establishment of practices that may duplicate that experience. This can also allow people who have never had metaphysical experiences, but desire to, the means to attain these experiences based upon what others have done.

Like theory, practice can be highly personal,and must be open to change and adaptation. What works for one person may not work for another. What one person wishes to experience may be different from the goals of another. Practices must be flexible, so that they may assist the individual in attaining the desired experience or result.

Blacklight Metaphysics is interested in practice as a means to attain experience. The specifics of the technique and the underlying theory are important elements to such practices, and should be documented, analyzed, and experimented with, to explore what variable and conditions can be manipulated to achieve certain goals. It is hoped that some of the essay here will serve to examine those practices and explore the resulting experiences.


Any involvement in the occult or metaphysics will involve experiences that seem to deviate in some way from everyday, “mundane” reality. Being what we are, humans often endeavor to come up with explanations for these experiences, ranging from chemical deprivations in the brain to models of reality in which the physical world is only an illusion. These theoretical models provide a framework which metaphysical experiences can be understood or sought out. Theory helps interpret past experience and establishes a framework for pursuing future experiences.

Problems can arise when theory is held in higher esteem than real experience. Sure, it may be philosophically appealing to believe that all reality is an illusion created by the Mind, but such a belief probably won’t stop a bullet flying toward your head after you explain it to a mugger. Strict adherence to a particular model can also lead to the rejection of experiences that do not agree with that model, which is a fast road to dogmatism.

Blacklight Metaphyics views experience as primary, and values theory that can help account for metaphysical, magical, or mystical experiences in a way that provides meaning and illumination, and promotes the development of techniques that allow for repetition of such experiences. Any effective metaphysical theory or model must be open to change as new data come in, and must be willing to allow for exceptions that may arise.

Who This Site Is For

This site is intended for those pursuing serious study of the occult arts, whether that be for academic or practical purposes. This site features essays on metaphysical theories and techniques that may be help suspect or dubious by mainstream culture or religion. The material on this site is not generally intended for beginners, dabblers, or skeptics, but rather for those who are already familiar with the material at hand to at least some degree. Those new to the topics discussed are encouraged to investigate other resources linked to by this site.

The content on this site is not for everyone.  Not everyone is psychologically equipped to handle magic, and the best thing for those who are not is to admit it and move on.  Those suffering from severe mental disorders or drug addictions are advised to seek professional help for those problems before attempting to practice magic.

Some of the material on this site may include magical techniques. Caution is advised to anyone attempting those techniques — it is assumed that anyone who does so has at least some experience in the magical arts, and knows what they are doing well enough to make such an attempt.  Neither the operators of this site nor the authors of contributed material take any responsibility for effects resulting from or relating to use of any magical technique described on this site.

The positions presented in essays on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of other authors or contributors.  If you disagree with the opinions presented by an author, you are encouraged to compose an intelligent response and submit it, or to contact the author.  Flaming any author on this site — especially if your disagreement is with another author — only makes you look foolish, and if that is all you wish to do you are encouraged to keep it to yourself (or at least off this site).

Demands to the operators of this site to conform to any specific religious, political, or ideological dogma will be flatly ignored.  The purpose of this site is to make information from diverse sources more readily available, not to censor information because it disagrees with a specific worldview.