Updates, Changes, and New Life

Blacklight Metaphysics has been around for almost 10 years now, and I’ve imported old MySpace posts even older than that. So changes, tweaks, and updates are nothing new.

It’s also been a few years since I’ve posted, and longer than that since I did so regularly. Unfortunately, breaks in my productivity are also nothing new.

I’ve been busy the past few years, with changes to my life, my magical practice, my education, and my understanding of how I fit into the world. In short, it’s time to write again.

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Practical Pagans

Just wanted to give my readers a head’s up that I have been invited to join the Practical Pagans collaborative blog. There’s not really going to be any special content, just my regular blog posts. But if you haven’t visited Practical Pagans, please check it out. There are a lot of interesting  blogs featured there.

And if you are visiting here from Practical Pagans for the first time, welcome! Please look through the archives and share any thoughts you have.

Another Hiatus Ends

I took a bit more time from blogging, as you can plainly see.

I had some good reasons, I suppose. Or good enough.

One of them involved a huge abscess upon my chin. It was bad enough that I was doped up on hydrocodone, and they weren’t able to lance it. I will spare you the details, but it should be said that 1) It is getting better, and 2) I will be waiting a while before doing any more videos, because better still looks pretty hideous.

Another one involved putting some more effort into work. I’m getting a promotion and have been working extra hours. I’ve also had an interesting opportunity come up, and I just may decide to take this job seriously enough to go after it.

I’ve been working some on an idea for a series of blog posts on the Roman Virtues. I want to do a little more work before I start in on it, but it should be worthwhile.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any work done with the Avatar and Elements stuff I’ve been wanting to do. But I’ve been pondering it for a while, so it will happen.

There’s been some other stuff going on, but that’s most of what I feel the need to share. (Yes, there was mining and crafting happening as well: mea culpa.)

But I have been filled with inspiration, and my liver is okay with processing alcohol again, so there will be writing. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.


Shameless Self Promotion

Hey everyone!

Just a friendly reminder to find me at the places I’m at, if they’re the places you’re at.

I have a fan page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/blacklightmetaphysics

I have a YouTube channel for my videos at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtoMO_XooZbrjVZ2CMi3ZJA

I am on Google Plus at https://plus.google.com/116749355386146612200/posts

And of course, I’m on Twitter at https://twitter.com/chirotus

I’ve also added some features to my blog so that you can more easily share blog posts you like on several different venues, and there are some options to follow my blog (via e-mail or RSS). Also, I have added features for you to rate blog posts so I know how much you like them. And as always, please comment and let me know what you think! I am making more of an effort to respond to all comments and get a discussion going.

And most importantly (to me, at least), please share posts you like with other people who you think might like them. The more readers I get, and the more comments I get, the more I know that what I’m doing here isn’t just to satisfy my own vanity, and I’ll work harder to get more and significant content here.


Video Intros

I’ve decided that my YouTube videos look kind of plain. So I searched very briefly and settled upon the first free online video intro creator I found. I have created a few potential intro sequences for my videos, and would love help in deciding on which one to use.

1) Blacklight Metaphysics

Features the name of my blog.

2) Chirotus Infinitum

Features my Nome de Plume

3) Octogram

Features the name of my blog and the octogram, my current symbol of choice. Also includes the name “Ultraviolet,” which I am considering as a play on the “Blacklight” name to differentiate video from written content.

Please comment below and let me know which one you think is best.


I took the time to clean up Blacklight a little bit. I may do a bit more work on restructuring the site a bit, but I really just wanted to update my weblinks. The blogroll here is now a mirror of my Feedly links: All of the sites to the right are sites that I actually read, are inspired and stimulated by, and occasionally use as fodder for my own work. So please take the time to look over those websites and see if you like anything there.

And we’re all connected!