Planetary Energies

So I talked a little bit about my explorations into planetary magick.

By my question was, now that I have been exposed to these energies and can invoke them, what do I do with them?

My original idea was to invoke planetary energies in such a way that I could compensate for harsh or difficult aspects on my natal chart. To a certain degree, this is still an objective, although I have different ideas on how to accomplish it.

The source material I am drawing on is Rosicrucian, so of course  it recommended that I channel this energy into attaining Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel. And you know what? For once, that didn’t sound like a bad idea.

But mostly, I wanted those energies to have better expression in my life. And the invocations started me on that path. But the energies were undirected, and general in their manifestation. Sure, it felt good, but I wanted something more focused. Continue reading


Introduction to Planetary Magick

I’ve been doing ceremonial magick for many, many years, but I’ve never progressed beyond elemental magick before. The rituals seemed too complex, and I wasn’t confident enough in what I was doing. I also didn’t really understand what the end game in such ritual work.

DON inspired me several months ago to revisit my ceremonial magick practice with renewed vigor. My primary goal, as always, was mundane: refocus my life and find a new career path. I got back to regularly performing the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram and working with the elemental energies, but DON’s influence led me in a direction that I always flirted with but never really committed to: the invocation of my personal genius. And since I was exploring new things, I decided that working with planetary energies might help that work. Continue reading

Basics and Assumptions

I’ve written some stuff on wards and energy work. This is an area that I have done a bit of work in, and am very comfortable pontificating on.

I saw this post on Tumblr, and it gave me pause.

What struck me wasn’t so much the technique describe so much as the assumptions that were made regarding how energy work , well, works, and how to manipulate such energy. It’s reliance upon the tropes of intention and visualization made me want to look a bit deeper into what was truly being presented here. Continue reading

Candle Magic

In case you’ve missed it, I have an essay up on the Witches’ Voice discussing some candle magic techniques.

But because I’m ambitious (and an attention whore), I have made a follow-up video to this essay in which I further discuss and demonstrate some of the techniques in mention in the essay, as well as some additional ideas.

Neighborhood Wards

One of my tweeps made a comment about how the neighborhood she was living in was toxic and she needed to move. I’m not going to argue with someone’s assertion that she needs to move to a better environment: gods know the past year has show me the importance of leaving a place that you can’t thrive in. But such influences can be reduced or managed through effective warding.

I’ve already talked about warding your home, and I’ve even speculated about how you might ward a city. And in my own experience, I’ve had to struggle with warding a public space while living at a hotel. Warding a neighborhood is a more delicate and complex issue, because you’re probably doing it on your own, and you are probably trying to negate the influences of people who actually live there.

So I pondered the problem, and here’s what I came up with. Continue reading

Blind Spot Tarot Spread

Arwen Lynch at Pagan Square has a fantastic tarot spread for uncovering the thing that we’re not seeing in a problem that is just as important as what is clear as day.

I’ve developed a spread to help find the blind spot. It asks five questions to investigate what we are blind to in ourselves. More importantly, the spread focuses on why and how to integrate it into our selves to become more whole. This spread is meant for those of us who want to explore themselves using Tarot as a tool.

I think first we have to know what we see to be able to understand what we don’t. One person might see themselves as an amazing, critical voice who helps others make choices. But he might not see his own block of ego that won’t allow him to hear others when they are critical of him. Still another might see themselves as the most positive person in the world. Yet she can’t see her own denial of the very real negative things in her life as a block.

It’s a rather simple and elegant spread which helps show us the things we refuse to see and integrate them in a useful manner. Check it out here.