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Chirotus Infinitum

As of right now, Blacklight Metaphysics is my pet project, where I have published my occult writings and encouraged discussion and input on them. I’ve always hoped to garner contributions from other like-minded individuals so that I’m not the only one running the discussion here, and I’m working toward that aim.

I’ve been studying the occult since 1995, with particular emphasis on Chaos Magic and Ceremonial Magic. I have occasionally given lectures on astrology and tarot, and once ran a seminar on ego magic. I also write essays on occult topics, and am looking for respected websites and magazines to publish them.

My magical practice, comprised of various Chaoist and Ceremonial techniques, adapted to the Roman pantheon. I celebrate (some of) the old Roman feasts and festivals, and on occasion the Wiccan Sabbats. My devotional practice honors the gods of ancient Rome.

I Hold a graduate degree in Religious Studies and an undergraduate degree in History. Other interests include Law, Psychology (especially abnormal psychology and criminology) , theoretical physics, mathematics, and medicine, although these are mostly lay interests.

I am skeptical of people with overly optimistic or romantic views of reality. Life is not all love and happiness, and the world does not exist to comfort your emotional wounds. It’s nice to have people to help and support you, and it’s good to do so for others, but it’s a liability to everybody to expect everyone to rescue you every time you mess up.

Anyone with multiple presences in on the interweb is welcome to look me up on various networking sites (but mostly Twitter these days) .

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Not really sure what to say… I am still on my journey for as long as my life takes me. I help where I can and try to bring out the best in myself and those around me.

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