People of Note

As I’ve been getting more personal in my blogging, I’ve been referring to people that have influenced me or that I deal with frequently in my life. Since I don’t use my real name, I’m not going to use theirs either. But these are a few of the players in my life, my magical journey, and my blog.

Honestly, this is more for me than you. I need to keep my pseudonyms straight.

Jewel: Leo. Girl I dated and later obsessed over when I was in high school. I got into the occult to impress her. It didn’t work. Strong empathic connection with her. She was kind of manipulative and I played into it eagerly.

Jack: Gemini. Friend of mine that I met in high school. Introduced me to Jewel and Walter. Helped me develop a lot of early magical theories and techniques I worked with. Still around — we talk shop sometimes.

Angelina: Libra. Girl I dated just after high school. She was into some witchcraft, and worked with me and Jack for a bit. We had great chemistry but ended up being a bit unstable. She was a bit melodramatic back in the day and used to talk about being attacked by vampires.

Walter: Aries. My mentor. Qabalistic wizard and Dirty Old Man. Taught me a lot of what I know, and pointed me in the right direction to find the rest. Jack and I are his only students in wizardry that have not gone insane. I’m not sure if that speaks well of us or poorly on him.

Diamond: Taurus. The One That Got Away. Girl I dated after high school. Had a rather brief but intense relationship, had some time apart, and then an even more intense and briefer reconciliation. I really screwed her over and she hates me, and this is one of my biggest regrets. Rough around the edges and slightly flawed.

Gina: Virgo. One of the Intelligencia, Walter’s inner circle. Very shrewd and sharp woman who used to run a hospital. Brutally honest ball buster. She died of a stroke many years ago and I miss her terribly.

Garnet: Taurus. My Bestie, my BFF, She Who Tells Me Things As They Are And Keeps Me On Track. Met her at community college. Powerful empath (seriously, she puts me to shame), herb and stone witch. I had the unique pleasure of starting her off on her magical path, although I cannot take credit for her successes. I had the honor of officiating her wedding and facilitating her formal dedication to Juno.

Peridot: Sagittarius. Garnet’s husband, who I also met at community college. Sci-Fi and Gamer Nerd. Loves fire. I had the honor of facilitating his dedication to Pele.

Ruby & Emerald: Garnet and Peridot’s daughters. Ruby is the older one. They’re very small and very adorable and very magically inclined. This is trouble.

Sapphire: Capricorn. Friend from early college. Amateur astrologer and cartomancer. Really good at calling me on my bullshit. There be sexual tension here, but honestly it’s been more fun to cultivate it over the years than to act on it. Been dating a bit recently, though, so who knows …

Amberflame: Libra. My most recent ex. Don’t let any stray frustration from our past relationship allow you to think I have anything less than the utmost respect for this woman’s abilities. Brilliant herbalist and tea crafter. Great with stones. Talented cartomancer and palmist. Christian mystic and kitchen witch. (Just don’t expect her to be on time.)

Saytr: Scorpio. Or also The Horny Goat. Member of a college pagan group I was in, and later a magical training group I put together. Devotee of Dionysus, among others. Talented with wards and journey-work. A bit on the pretentious side. We’ve had a bit of a falling out but are civil and mostly amiable toward one another. Good for discussing scholarship and theory with.

Topaz: Scorpio. Member of the magical training group. Long-time partner to Saytr. Foodie and feminist. Talented cartomancer and witch.

Opal: Taurus. Young lady I have recently become acquainted with. Potent empath, possibly on the level of Garnet if she learns more control with it. Vaguely newagey; has been working on learning tarot. Artist and dancer; very creative and passionate about life. She does hair.

Pearl: Gemini. I used to work with her many, many years ago. Almost asked her out once, but got set up on a blind date with my ex wife instead. Recently got back in touch with her after several years. Very positive and enthusiastic about life. Runner. Very compassionate and caring person. We have lamented our missed opportunity from long ago, but are happy with where we are in life and have a respectful friendship.

Luna: Virgo. Young lady I met through my coven. Smart, funny, perceptive, creative, deliberate, passionate, well educated, beautiful. We were involved relatively briefly in an intense, passionate, but ultimately stressful affair, and have since parted ways. Turns out you can’t compromise unless you are both working toward the same goal. Also turns out that I was way more willing than I realized to be a part of an unbalanced and manipulative relationship. We don’t talk anymore.

Coral: Virgo. Very sensitive soul I have formed a rather profound bond with. Might turn romantic in time, might not. Incredibly talented singer, and I am encouraging her to pursue this as a career path. She is very supportive of me in just about every way I can imagine.

More to come as mentioned or as I think of appropriate stones to label people.


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