Ritual for the Healing Moon

by Amberflame

I was asked to do a waxing moon ritual for the Flinthills Pagan Community.  Though I do not normally post to forums online, I was requested to post this.  I hope that it goes on to help others in dealing with what they need to and bless those who choose to recreate it.  I did not pull this ritual from anyone else’s material source but based it on divine inspiration and service to my community.  To those who assisted with it, I allowed them the ability to paraphrase and add to it as they saw necessary to be heartfelt and placed in their own words so long as they did not change the meaning or intent of what was written.  I ask only that one stay true to that.

Ritual for the Healing Moon

We have gathered together this night for a healing of hearts and minds.  As we begin our journey, we will travel through four gates representing four elements, four aspects and four challenges we must face in our healing process.  The first gate deals with air and the processes of the mind.  The second gate deals with fire and the passions of the heart.  The third gate deals with water and the deep emotions that ebb within us.  The fourth gate deals with the earth and our sense of grounding and security in our lives.  Each gate has a guide who will guide you through the steps of the ritual. Each requires something from you.  For some it is sacrificing that which does not serve you, for others it is reclaiming your own power within.  Take your time with each gate.  Some may stay behind and linger at one while others move forward at another depending on their own needs and challenges.  Take a moment to prepare yourself – for the journey begins.  May it find you where you need to be.

The first Gate: Air

I anoint you for your journey – may you find peace in this place. <Anoint forehead with oil>

Our minds are often where we store our self-doubts, bad memories, and negative thoughts and words we repeat to ourselves.  Like air these things can sometimes be cloudy and can obscure the truth of what is around us.  Sometimes we need to clear the air to see what is really there and open our minds to other possibilities.

Here you will have to face your perception of yourself.  To help with this process and to help carry away some of the negativity so we can think more clearly we will use sage to help cleanse the mind and the body.  The next step is to take a piece of paper to write out those negative thoughts that have held you back to get them out of your consciousness and examine them.   Now begin to write positive truthful affirmations that you want to see in your life to counter them on a separate piece of paper.  Look at yourself in the mirror, see yourself as you really are and wish to be.  Write these affirmations on the mirror.  Say these affirmations out loud knowing them to be the real truth.  Take them home with you to remember and keep.  <when a person passes on wipe down mirror for each person to start fresh>

Take your sheet of negative perceptions and crush them in your hands knowing that they are not who you are or who you want to be and pass on to the next gate.

The Second Gate: fire

Welcome to the gate of fire and passion.

Sometimes our passions can rule us coming out as anger, fear, rage, and unbridled carnal destructive forces that hurt ourselves and those around us.  Our energy for living becomes out of balance and chaotic.  Fire just like the passions and fears within us can be constructive or destructive.  Sometimes they can motivate us to make necessary changes in our lives or make us cautious in times of trouble but when bottled up or misdirected can create blocks or difficulties within us that do not allow us to deal with our problems rationally.  Holding on to anger and fear in negative ways can become toxic and can limit us and keep us from being who we need to be.  Those destructive feelings need a safe way to be released.

Take a piece of paper and write down or draw out those feelings.  Get out everything you need to get out.  Next release your anger and fire onto the bag provided. You can kick it, hit it, and yell at it.  Let it be a place where you can let those feelings go.  Let out all the hurt, the pain and all your angry rage at the things and people that have gotten to you through all of the years, come through.  When you are ready step back from it, rip the paper with all of those feelings to shreds and burn it and your negative thoughts paper from the gate before in the fire provided.  <direct them to a safe place to let the paper burn – be it a fire pit or cauldron>  Let it all go and leave it behind to burn.  Know that you can move on and use your energy for better things.  As it burns feel your tension lifted and your spirit ready to move on to the next gate.

The Third Gate: Water

Welcome to the gate of water and deep emotions.

Some feelings like sadness, loss and grief drown our fire and lust for life.  They become a place within us for self-blame and loathing.  We can feel stuck and unable to let go of the pain and move on with our lives.  We forget that tears can be used for happiness as well as sadness.

We must take the time to learn the lesson of water – that we must allow ourselves the ability to let go, to recognize the ebb and flow of life, that we must be able to be fluid and open to change and healing. Through water, we can find gentle release, calm and cleansing.  Water is intuitive – it fills us up and helps us search and flow within to that spiritual, mystical, emotional side of ourselves.  Water has the power to heal within and without.

Drink of the blessed water – may it renew your heart and soul.  Rest your hands in the pool of water.  Allow the grief and pain and losses in your life to flow into your hands and be released and cleansed there.  It is ok to feel and let go – the universe holds you.  Take time to purify and heal yourself further with a ritual bath or shower by making yourself a blessed bath salt bag.  Hold your bag and remind yourself of the soothing energy you want to bring into your life.  Use it later at home to allow that energy to soak into you.

Be blessed and healed! <Anoint hands> May peaceful healing accompany you to the next gate.

The fourth Gate: Earth

Welcome to the gate of earth and stability.

Sometimes we feel that we don’t have what we need – that we don’t feel secure in where or who we are.  It is that feeling that all we are is dust in the wind.  We forget that we are not separate from the world around us, that everything comes from and touches the earth somehow, that we are connected through all things and each other through a circle that cannot be broken, that there is wisdom and security in the earth if we only take the time to root ourselves in it.

We need to remember and know that no matter where we are, it can provide us strength and a reminder that all things renew in the earth.  That we are safe and have the ability to have what we truly need.

We can learn the lesson of the earth and gain the wisdom that we have the power to grow and change and be abundant in our lives.

Take a wisdom stone from the bowl.  Find a place to sit and meditate.  Hold your stone and take time to ground.  Imagine that you are a tree and root yourself in the earth and feel secure where you are.  Look at your stone and focus on the words.  It is what the universe is bringing forward in your life.  Think on what this means for you.  It may be a quality you need in your life or action you may need to consider.  Keep it close in your life and remember its wisdom when you need it.

Take your time and meditate.  When everyone present has gathered here we complete the ritual.

Closing: Spirit

Let us gather around the fire in a circle and stand side by side.  <A tiki torch, candle or fire pit can be used to represent fire in the center of the circle and can be lit before or upon entering the space> Welcome to the gate of spirit and life.  This is the last and final gate and the end of our ritual.  Clasp hands with those beside you and recognize that you are part of a great circle of life.  The spirit that is in you and in all things is meant to live and have joy.  May you leave this space feeling more fulfilled and with greater purpose.  It is both the beginning and the end of a cycle for you and your healing journey.  For just as we all are made from the earth, we shall return to it again.  This is proof that all things can be renewed.  This journey is ended but a new life has begun with the waxing of the moon.

Go in peace and love.  Live, Grow and Be Blessed!

Additional Notes:

This ritual may require four or five people to assist as gatekeepers but could be altered depending on the size of your group.  The materials required are going to be: Anointing Oils (one for healing and opening the mind for the air gate, one for grounding and centering for the water gate) , Sage stick, Mirrors, some tables and chairs, pitcher and cups for blessed water, bowls for bath salted healing water, stones or salt bags, wood, candles or tiki torch for the fire, clay for stones or stones themselves, sea salt and healing essential oils, fabric squares, string, paper, dry erase markers for writing on the mirrors, writing tools, a big duffel bag stuffed with misc. sheets or clothes, and some kind of bat for hitting the bag and tiki torches for the gates.

The stones were prepared beforehand.   The leader of the ritual may want to sit down and meditate on different words or symbols that can bring meaning to those who are going to be attending.
I had a page of things some of my ritual team and I wrote down that we felt might inspire what the universe may want people to focus on like “freedom,” “love,”  “bloom,” “hope,”  “forgiveness,” “clarity,” “strength,” “teach,” “courage,” “truth,” “share,” “release,” etc.  They can be actions or concepts.   Many had multiple meanings being both nouns, verbs… etc.  like “bare,” “hold,” “light,” “shelter,” or “harvest.”  The stones can be made out of clay or can be carved, etched or painted.  Care can be taken to imbue them with intent.

We also prepared the bath salt bags ahead of time and anointed the salt with oils we felt would be healing.  Fine mesh fabric was cut into about 7” by 7” squares (we used organza) and two tablespoons of salt were placed into each and then closed at the top with ribbon.  We also added the salts to bowl of healing water for the water gate so people could begin their cleansing there with their hands and finish with a bath or shower at home by using their bath salt bag.

Some things my ritual team added to the ritual were a electric running fountain for the water gate, and additional mirror for the air gate so that people could leave behind positive sentiments for those who came after them that stayed up for the entire ritual in addition to the one they used just for themselves that was erased for each person who came after them.  We took pictures of it as a remembrance.  Your group may want to add other things.  I also allowed each gatekeeper to bless the tools and gifts within their gate as they saw fit before the ritual.

We wore sashes that represented the elemental colors of each gate so that we would be sent apart from the participants and to lend a more formal tone to the ritual but if your group has ritual garb that you feel is appropriate then by all means use it.  We approached this ritual with a serious and dedicated tone and had a small circle gathering with just the ritual team before we began so we could ground, clear and focus.  It put ourselves in the right mind-set to do the work we were called to do.  You may want to sage, ground your group, meditate or do whatever you need to do to bring your ritual team together.


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