Seven Spheres

A while back Satyr Magos was showing off a bit and introduced me to Rufus OpusSeven Spheres, a short but marvelous book with a unique and powerful approach to planetary magick. The book employs conjuration rather than invocation, and engages the planetary forces from the top down rather than from the earth sphere up. More significantly, the approach to the planetary intelligences is framed as one of “kingship,” with Jupiter (rather than Saturn) being the first force conjured. In essence, this transforms the entire working into a long scale Jovian work, which was exactly what I was looking for.

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July 2014

My blogging has been pretty pathetic this year. My keeping track of my goals hasn’t been very good either.

But I’m trying to break them down more into more manageable bench-markers, and the beginning or a new month is as good a time as any to see where I’m at and what I want to be doing. Continue reading

Job Hunting

So I’ve been looking for a new job lately. One that is more fulfilling, has better hours, and makes better use of my natural talents.

I had a trusted friend do a reading a while back, and she suggested that I need to find an occupation in which I am working for myself, and not for someone else.

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Goals for 2014

I keep saying that I’m not bog on the New Year’s resolution thing.

But I also recognize that this is a good opportunity to evaluate past goals and set new ones, especially since I did not do so on my birthday.

Bach in March, I set some goals for myself. In June I reviewed and revised them. Time to see where I’m at now. Continue reading

The Between Place

I’ve been thinking a lot about the status of a magic-user as one of  “between worlds.” The liminality between the everyday “normal” world and the mysterious and weird world beyond the veil is a hallmark of magic and mysticism. We inhabit that between place, right on and sometimes just over the edge.

And I think that we have certain obligation because we exist at this liminal space. As I said not long ago:

Our role is to bring back knowledge from beyond the boundaries of the “normal.” Our role is to guide people who have approached or crossed those boundaries, then bring them back or push them further. And so you have to bring back what you encounter.

And I think this pretty well describes what I have seen from most magicians, witches, mystics, etc. and how they end up expressing their spiritual reality. In some way, they take advantage of inhabiting that liminal space, and at some point, they help others cope with their own experiences there.

But I’ve been dealing a lot with magic as augmenting my identity rather than defining it. Like a doctor doesn’t continuously heal people, or a pilot isn’t always flying, I have a life that isn’t always spent exploring the realms beyond. Continue reading