Temporal Anomalies

I honestly can’t recall if it was Pete Carroll or Phil Hine or both that made a discussion of retroactive enchantment. (It was probably Carroll, since that would fit in well with his cosmological model and his view on the malleability of time, but I’m not really in the mood to look it up and be sure.) Either way, the concept is a fairly clear one: you work a spell that manifests through channels that suggest events were changed in your favor at a time prior to your working of the spell. Either by directly targeting an already past event or through a haphazard coincidence of best available channels for manifestation, the cause (the spell) comes after the effect (the change).

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Retroactive Enchantment

Chaos Magic, especially the variety that depends upon the equations of Pete Carroll, has some interesting things to say about how time works. Specifically, Chaos Magical Theory posits that the past isn’t set, and instead is a “probable past” that can be as variable as the probable future that is not set even as we await it. Continue reading

Intention In Magic

I’d been meaning to write about the role of intention in magic for some time, and it seems that two blog posts on the subject by well-respected magical authors has provided the fodder and motivation I needed.


Christopher Penczak writes that while there is more to magic than intention, intention is important and necessary to successful magic. His approach is that intention must be augmented with technique in order to achieve results.

I do believe in the power of intention, of aligning your will with the will of the universe to manifest your magick. Without intention, you magick doesn’t seem to work, either in terms of tangible results or the more nebulous, but arguably more important, self development that can come from it. On any of the magickal paths, will is a requirement. In fact, when teaching about the basics of a spell, I teach that you must have three things: Clear Intention, Strength of Will, and a Method to Direct the Energy of the Spell. Will without clarity usually ends up backfiring, intention with no desire behind it is lackluster at best, and you can have both, but if you cannot direct the energy into the proper channels, through ritual technique and/or real world action, you will still lack results. You can even cause harm.

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Modern Aeonics

I have posted a new essay — sort of. This piece, tentatively titled Modern Aeonics, is a half-finished essay that I have decided to turn in for partial credit, metaphorically speaking. I haven’t touched it in years, and have drifted so far from my mindset and intentions in writing it that I decided to present it as is. Maybe I’ll finish it someday, but probably not for a while.

The essay discusses modern evidence for Peter Carroll’s theory of aeonic development in Western culture. If anything, hopefully it will add a bit to the discussion on how our culture is developing over time, and how we adapt to it. Comments are encouraged, but please keep in mind that it is only half done, and by no means represents my best work.

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