Pagan Politics, Part Whatever

John Beckett asks an interesting question: Must Paganism be Transgressive?

Do we lose something when a radical spiritual movement starts to be accepted by the mainstream? Or is it more complicated than that?

Beckett looks at a few other discussions going on in the Pagan blogosphere in examining this question. I saw a few themes that I’ve talked and thought about before, so I felt the need to open my big mouth.

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More Thoughts on Authenticity and “Being Real”

My post on “Real” Magicians got a decent amount of views, so thanks everyone for checking it out.

And like the original post by Farrell, it has sparked a lot of thinking and some conversation.

One that stood out to me was a post by DON’s, which questions what we mean when we talk about things being “real”:

I think it’s important to consider how we use slippery words like “real,” because they can reveal underlying biases that reflect a lack of compassion, on one hand, and a lack of understanding of ourselves and the world around us, on the other. As a magician, those two things – compassion and understanding – are more important to my spiritual path than anything.

By taking it upon ourselves to decide what is “real” or not, we show a lack of compassion to the things we have left out. Be it a family member, a co-religionist, a person of transgendered experience, or someone who deviates significantly from our experience in any way.

Yes, magic-users can be cliquish and solipsistic. Imagine that.

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