Magic and Mood

When I do ceremonial magic, I record the times and environmental condition in a magical journal. This is upon the advice of Donald Michael Kraig in his book Modern Magick, so that the magician may assess what conditions contribute to the best magical success.

And this is the primary function of a magical journal (as distinct from a book of shadows): to allow you to review your performance. Continue reading

Altar Setup and Ritual Garb

The Pagan Perspective is a YouTube channel that I enjoy perusing from time to time. It features a bunch of pagans offering their perspectives on various topics (I know, you never would have guessed that from the name), generally from viewer submitted questions. One of their recent topics included altar design and placement and ritual garb or attire. See their videos here.

Well, I just love nosing in on other people’s opinions. That, and I’ve opined on the subject of altar design a few different times myself in the past. So I decided to do a video showing off my own current altar setup and placement, and even touch upon what I wear when I do magic. (Hopefully the folks at Pagan Perspective will recognize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)